Editing ZLT S10G Firmware version 2.10.1 is a little too hard these days. I have my own Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi device with the said model and is already unlocked when I bought it in Shopee. I watched so many YouTube videos on steps to be able to access my Globe at Home .BIN file but most of the tutorials are editing BIN files for old models of Globe at Home.

Though my ZLT S10G 2.10 is already unlocked, when I tried downloading the BIN file and extract it using my laptop/pc or mobile phone, it won't be extracted at all. So, there's no way that I can edit the file. 

But, for this post I will just share my Globe at Home device BIN file configuration which is already unlocked or openline.

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How to Openline Globe at Home ZLT S10G Version 2.10.1

UPDATE: If this tutorial do not work for you, PM me on Facebook for free for a new and 100% working tutorial. Click here

👉 To be able to openline your Globe at Home device, all you need to do is download the BIN file that I shared on this post and install/update your ZLT S10G 2.10.1 device using your mobile phone or laptop/pc.

👉 You do not have to edit anything using Notepad++ or extract anything using 7Zip or ZArchiver. Just download and update.

👉 See my Openline Globe at Home device screenshots below. Note: I login using admin as username and also admin as password.

✅ You can clearly the Firmware Version of my device which is S10G_2.10.1

✅ Inside the Device Settings, you will there the Connected Devices, Advance Settings, Internet Settings, Statistics Settings, Wi-Fi Settings, and Voice Settings.

✅ Inside the Advance Settings, you have there the DHCP, USSD, PIN Management, Static IP, Static Routing, DDNS, Access Control, WAN Port Settings, Bands Locking, TR069, Cell Locking, Backup Data.

✅ Now, if press the Bands Locking, you can freely choose there the 4 bands available which are band3, band28, band40, and band41. I selected band3 because it has the strongest signal on my area.

✅ And if you pressed the Backup Data, you will see there the Browse/Update/Export buttons. This is where you are going to upload the BIN file to OPENLINE your Globe at Home. But, if you cannot see the Backup Data button, you can access it using this link:

BIN File Download details:
File name: S10Gexport_sys_config.bin
File size: 12.25 kb
Version: 2.10.1
Download host: Mediafire
Download link: [ .BIN file ]

How to Install/Update Firmware after you downloaded the BIN File?

👉 After you download the BIN file from the link above, go to and login using user as username and @l03e1t3 as password. (Note: next to @ is small letter L followed by number 0, 3, e, number 1, small letter T and number 3.

👉 Press Device Settings > Advance Settings > Backup Data. If you cannot see the Backup Data, change URL from to Then press ENTER. If the Backup Data page is still not appearing, try this tutorial: Show hidden Backup Data page ZLT S10G 2.10.1

👉 Inside Backup Data, press Browse button find your BIN file and press Open and press Update.

👉 Your device will restart.

👉 Wait for some time and done!

Important Notes:
☑ Do not forget to comment below whether the BIN file worked for you or not so that others will know.
☑ If it worked, do not forget to say thank you guys! That's all I want to inspire me.
☑ If you have violent reactions or comments, you may also comment below.

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