It is very easy to share or Pasa your GigaPoints earned inside your GigaLife app. Earning more points means that you can redeem different available promo listed inside GigaLife as long as you have enough Points. Meanwhile, see the steps below to be able to Pasa your Points to others, or your own other number.

How to Pasa Points GigaLife app

1. Login your TNT/Sun/Smart number that you will use to Pasa your Points. As you can see below, my TNT Prepaid account has a total of 20 points. To start, press Lifeline.

2. Inside Lifeline, enter the mobile number of the Points recipient. Press Continue to proceed.

3. In the What do you want to do? just press Pasa Points.

4. The minimum points that you can Pasa is 5. For this tutorial I will select 20 points.

5. Make sure you have at least P1.00 load to be able to Pasa your Points. Press Confirm to proceed.

6. An OTP will be sent to your number. Enter the 4-digit pin correctly. Press Proceed to continue.

7. A message saying "Thank You! You have sent 20 GigaPoints to (09471234567). You were charged P1 transaction fee." will appear.

8. Done! You have successfully transferred your GigaPoints. You will also receive a text message regarding the transaction.