Wondering how to format or reformat your USB device without a laptop or pc but using only your android phone device? For this tutorial, I will show you how to easily format your USB flash drive without installing any app in your phone.

This process requires the following, so please read  carefully.
✅ OTG-capable phone
✅ USB to OTG connector or a USB with OTG port ready

If you met the given requirements above, then, perform the simple steps below.

How to format USB device using android phone

1. Connect your USB to your phone using OTG connector or whatever connector that you may have there. Open Settings, and press More Connections.

2. Inside More Connections, enable your OTG device. See image below.

3. Back inside Settings, press Storage.

4. Inside Storage, find the list of Portable Storage. My USB device is the JetFlash USB drive, press the 3 dots inside the circle to continue.

5. Inside your USB drive, press Format to start formatting your device.

6. A warning message will appear regarding the process of formatting your USB wherein it will erase all the data stored on your USB device. So make sure you backup all its contents before formatting it. Just press the Erase & format button to proceed.

7. And your USB drive will then be formatted. Wait for sometime before it finishes.

8. When done, just press the Done button to finish the process. Your USB drive is ready to be used. And you can now move content on your drive.
9. Done!