The table below contains the list of the 10 most trending and searched word or keyword here in the Philippines for the whole year of 2014. There are five people, three movies/shows, one game app and, one tragedy. Please refer to the list below.

List of Most Trending Word Searches in Philippines 2014 - Page 1

TOP : 10
Word : Meteor Garden
About : Filipinos (specially girls) love to watch small-eyed boys like Koreans and Chinese. ABS-CBN re-aired the tagalized version of Meteor Garden here in the Philippines that caused its popularity on the internet. 
Meteor Garden
TOP : 9
Word : Malaysia Airlines
About : Because of the tragedy that happened on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, many Filipinos searched this keyword last year 2014.
Malaysia Airlines
TOP : 8
Word : Jennifer Lawrence
About : Two movies made her the most searched international actress her in the Philippines, the Hunger Games Mockingjay and X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Jennifer Lawrence
TOP : 7
Word : Paolo Bediones
About : Because of his scandal video with a hot lady that became viral on the internet, Bediones, a TV5 network host and reporter became more popular on the internet last year.
Paolo Bediones
TOP : 6
Word : Cedric Lee
About : He was said to be the mastermind in the beating of Its Showtime host of ABS-CBN Vhong Navarro. Many FIlipino, specially avid fan of ABS-CBN hated this guy.
Cedric Lee
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