This is the second part of your Top 10 List of Most Trending Word Searches in Philippines 2014. Please refer to the list below.

List of Most Trending Word Searches in Philippines 2014 - Page 2

TOP : 5
Word : Frozen
About : This Disney animated movie also belongs to the most searched word here in the Philippines. And it became more trending because of the its theme song Let It Go.
Frozen (Let It Go)
TOP : 4
Word : Rude (Magic!)
About : One of the most trending music here in the Philippines, performed by Magic! under their album Don't Kill the Magic.
Rude (Magic!)
TOP : 3
Word : Robin Williams
About : This famous American comedian made the Filipino surfers to look for the cause of his death last year 2014. And it was said that he committed suicide.
Robin Williams (death)
TOP : 2
Word : Flappy Bird
About : This very addicting game app also made every android phone user here in the Philippines to download and play the game in addict mode. That's the reason why it was the second most searched word in 2014. 
Flappy Bird (game app)
TOP : 1
Word : Vhong Navarro
About : Because of the beating he experienced against Cedric Lee and his men, he was the most searched word here in the Philippines for 2014. In the Philippine television alone, Navarro is already famous because he is one of the host of one of the most watched noontime show here in the Philippines, the Its Showtime of ABS-CBN.
Vhong Navarro (rape cases)
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