For this special article I wrote a very honest review about the two most used USB internet sticks here in the Philippines, the Globe Tattoo stick 4G and the Smartbro Stick 3G. Honestly, there is no such good internet connection here in the Philippines, unless you paid for a costly plan in Globe or Smart. All the internet connections that the telecommunication companies provide here in our country sucks! And after years of using Smartbro stick for my internet connection, I switched to Globe Tattoo, and all I can say, Globe Tattoo stick internet connection is far way much better than Smartbro stick internet connection. Maybe it defends in your location though. Please have some time to read the 16 combined facts both for the Globe Tattoo Stick VERSUS Smartbro Stick.

List of Connection Facts About Globe Tattoo Stick VERSUS Smartbro Stick

  1. Globe Tattoo stick is fast but it has limitation per day.
  2. Smartbro stick doesn't have limitation per day but so slow.
  3. While I am still in Pasig, my Globe Tattoo stick are fast from 1:00 AM - 7:00 PM. The connection will be very terrible from 7:00 PM - 1:00 AM.
  4. But now here in the province, my Globe Tattoo stick's connection is smooth 24/7.
  5. Loading your Globe Tattoo stick will give you points that you can redeem with Globe promos, even foods, and other goods.
  6. Loading your Smartbro stick won't give you anything, but I think they also have the redeem promo but you have to verify your sim card to be able to qualify, unlike for the Globe Tattoo sim you are automatically qualified.
  7. Loading your Globe Tattoo stick will also give you FREE SPINS that you can use to spin and win the latest and hottest phone models, like Sony, Samsung, HTC, and more. You can even win 1000 PESOS GCASH, or 500-PESO worth of load prizes.
  8. Since there are more Smart users, it is more easy to load your Smartbro stick.
  9. Loading the Globe Tattoo stick is a little bit difficult even in Pasig because I am always loading 250 pesos load, the load center will  load me 2 separates loads, 150 and 100 and this sometimes will charge me extra pesos.
  10. Globe Tattoo stick is like the LAN internet, once you open your pc/laptop as long as the Tattoo stick is already plugged in, it will automatically play and create the internet connection unlike the Smartbro stick that you need to click the CONNECT button before getting a connection.
  11. Smartbro stick will give you the numbers for your download speed and the upload speed.
  12. The latest Globe Tattoo stick won't give you the visible view of your download and upload speed.
  13. The Smartbro stick connection has its own dashboard.
  14. The Globe Tattoo tick (latest model), do not have the classic dashboard, but your dashboard is web-based. And you can access it using (The web-based dashboard will also automatically appear on your default web browser once it is already running).
  15. The IP addresses that the Smartbro stick will assign to you once you are connected are frequently detected as spammy or bot once you are browsing different websites on the internet.
  16. The IP addresses that the Globe Tattoo stick that will be assign to you when you are connected are clean and detected as normal on the internet.
I am not promoting any of these two USB internet sticks, but I recommend using the Globe Tattoo stick. WHY? It is way much better to use a connection that has limitation but fast, than using a connection that has no limitation but terrible all day long. Well, it is still up to you which do you prefer. Good day folks!

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