The table below contains the list of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte barangays. San Nicolas is one of the 21 municipalities of Ilocos Norte. It belongs to the 2nd district having the area of 40.18 km squared. There is(are) only 24 barangay(s) under it. Its zip code is 2901. The barangays are ranked alphabetically. Please refer to the table below for more details.

List of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Barangays

San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Barangays

List of San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Barangays
San Agustin
San Baltazar
San Bartolome
San Cayetano
San Eugenio
San Fernando
San Francisco
San Gregorio
San Guillermo
San Ildefonso
San Jose
San Juan Bautista
San Lorenzo
San Lucas
San Marcos
San Miguel
San Pablo
San Paulo
San Pedro
San Rufino
San Silvestre
Santa Asuncion
Santa Cecilia
Santa Monica
End of Brangay List
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