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25 May 2015

List of Tress in the Philippines - Page 2

This is the page 2 of your List of Tress in the Philippines. Please refer to the table below for more details.

List of Tress in the Philippines - Page 2

Dacryodes longifolia
Dendrocnide meyeniana
Dillenia indica
Dillenia philippinensis
Diospyros blancoi
Diospyros elliptifolia
Diospyros everettii
Diospyros korthalsiana
Diospyros kurzii
Diospyros lanceifolia
Diospyros mindanaensis
Diospyros ulo
Dipterocarpus alatus
Dipterocarpus eurynchus
Dipterocarpus gracilis
Dipterocarpus kunstleri
Dipterocarpus validus
Dracontomelon dao
Dysoxylum brachybotrys
Dysoxylum oppositifolium
Elaeocarpus calomala
Eucalyptus deglupta
Euonymus glandulosus
Gliricidia sepium
Glyptopetalum palawanense
Guioa acuminata
Guioa discolor
Guioa reticulata
Guioa truncata
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