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25 May 2015

List of Tress in the Philippines - Page 3

This is the page 3 of your List of Tress in the Philippines. Please refer to the table below for more details.

List of Tress in the Philippines - Page 3

Hibiscus tilliaceus
Hopea acuminata
Hopea basilanica
Hopea brachyptera
Hopea cagayanensis
Hopea foxworthyi
Hopea malibato
Hopea mindanensis
Hopea philippinensis
Hopea plagata
Hopea quisumbingiana
Hopea samarensis
Knema glomerata
Koordersiodendron pinnatum
Livistona saribus
Madhuca mindanaensis
Madhuca monticola
Mangifera odorata
Mastixia macrocarpa
Melicope confusa
Neolitsea vidalii
Nypa fruticans
Olea borneensis
Olea rubrovenia
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