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25 May 2015

List of Tress in the Philippines - Page 4

This is the page 4 of your List of Tress in the Philippines. Please refer to the table below for more details.

List of Tress in the Philippines - Page 4

Palaquium pseudorostratum
Palaquium tenuipetiolatum
Parashorea malaanonan
Parinari canarioides
Parinari elmeri
Payena leerii
Phoenix loureiroi
Pinus kesiya
Pinus merkusii
Pittosporum resiniferum
Podocarpus neriifolius
Pouteria obovata
Shorea almon
Shorea astylosa
Shorea contorta
Shorea falciferoides
Shorea guiso
Shorea hopeifolia
Shorea malibato
Shorea negrosensis
Shorea ovata
Shorea palosapis
Shorea polysperma
Shorea seminis
Shorea virescens
Sindora inermis
Sindora supa
Spondias purpurea
Swietenia macrophylla
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