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06 August 2015

List of Characters in Ran Online Game

The photos below contains the list of the 7 characters that you can opt to play in Ran Online. Originally, there are only 4 characters that you can create namely, Swordsman, Archer, Shaman, & Brawler. But since the upgrade of Ran episodes 3 more characters are added namely, Scientist or Gunner, Assassin, & Extreme. There are so many versions of Ran Online and bunches of private servers are available. But if you really want a decent Ran Online gaming, you can play Ran Online GS (Global Server). Ran Online Philippines already closed last August 5, 2015 and Filipino players are migrated to Ran GS. On the other hand, the characters are all well explained below. Photos courtesy of Happy gaming guys!

List of Characters in Ran Online Game

Ran Online - Archer (Female)

Ran Online - Assassin (Female)

Ran Online - Brawler (Female)

Ran Online - Extreme (Female)

Ran Online - Scientist/Gunner (Male)

Ran Online - Shaman (Female)

Ran Online - Swordsman

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