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07 August 2015

List of Reasons Why FIBA World Cup 2019 Should Be Held here in the Philippines

The list below contains the reasons why the FIBA World Cup 2019 should be held here in our beloved country Philippines. There are 7 reasons why and this article was inspired by an article in Please read the reasons below.


#PUSO2019 : Why FIBA should be coming home to Philippines

.:: Even a very little kid knows how to play basketball here in the Philippines. Yes we are not that tall like other races, but our hearts are very big when it comes to basketball.

Social Media
.:: Philippines is the Social Media Capital of the World. FIBA is very popular already and it will be more popular when the world cup happens here in 2019.

.:: Filipinos are very hospitable and friendly. If ever the FIBA 2019 will be held here in the Philippines, many tourists will also be here and they can expect hospitality, friendliness and a big smile from us.

Making History
.:: If ever FIBA will be coming home to Philippines, history will be made because its gonna be the first time world cup will be held here.

.:: It is also going to be a big boost for our country to let other people know how beautiful it is. Philippine tourism will going to be promoted definitely.

Warm Weather
.:: Many tourists visit Philippines because of warm weather and if ever FIBA is going to be here, that's another positive reason.

Good Food
.:: We have a lot of good-tasting foods here in the Philippines local or international food versions.

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