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11 October 2015

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Antique

The table below contains the list of all the public senior high schools found in Antique published by the Department of Education or DepEd. Included on the list are the municipalities, school ID, school names, and program offerings. To easily find your school, just press Ctrl F on your keyboard, type the school name and hit enter. Please refer to the list below for more details.

Quoted from the DepEd website: "5,813 public schools, operated and funded by DepEd, will begin offering Grade 11 in 2016 and Grade 12 in 2017. These public schools will utilize new classrooms and facilities constructed under the 2014 and 2015 budgets of DepEd or other fund sources, or use available facilities for Senior High School."

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd

List of Public Senior High Schools DepEd - Antique

Municipality School ID School Name Program Offerings
Anini-Y 302361 Igpalge NHS GAS
Anini-Y 302376 San Roque-Ezpeleta NHS GAS, TVL
Barbaza 302346 Barbaza NHS GAS, TVL
Belison 302347 Belison NS GAS, TVL
Bugasong 302342 Antique VS GAS, TVL
Bugasong 302368 Northern Bugasong NHS GAS
Bugasong 302379 Southern Bugasong NHS HUMSS, GAS
Bugasong 310709 Northern Bugasong NHS Annex - Pangalcagan Campus GAS
Caluya 302350 Caluya NHS GAS
Caluya 302382 Tinogboc NHS GAS
Caluya 310705 Semirara NHS ABM, TVL
Caluya 310706 Sibay NHS GAS
Culasi 302348 Bitadton NHS GAS, TVL
Culasi 302367 Northern Antique VS GAS, TVL
Hamtic 302349 Buhang NHS GAS, TVL
Hamtic 302356 Gov. Julian Fullon Pacificador NS GAS, TVL
Hamtic 302358 Gov. Julio V. Macuja MCHS GAS, TVL
Hamtic 302366 Moscoso-Rios NHS GAS, TVL
Hamtic 310701 Guintas NHS GAS
Hamtic 310704 Gen. Leandro Fullon NHS GAS, TVL
Laua-An 302351 Col. Ruperto Abellon NHS GAS, TVL
Laua-An 302362 Laua-an NHS GAS, TVL
Laua-An 310708 Eastern Laua-an NHS (Maria NHS) GAS, TVL
Libertad 302363 Libertad NVS GAS, TVL
Libertad 302383 Union NHS GAS, TVL
Pandan 302365 Mag-aba NHS GAS, TVL
Pandan 302369 Pandan NVHS GAS, TVL
Pandan 302372 Patria NS GAS, TVL
Pandan 302380 Sta. Ana NHS TVL
Patnongon 302343 Aureliana NHS GAS
Patnongon 302359 Igburi NHS GAS
Patnongon 302364 Lirio M. Escaño, Sr. NHS HUMSS, GAS, TVL
San Jose (Capital) 302341 Antique NS STEM, ABM, HUMSS, GAS, TVL, Arts and Design, Sports
San Jose (Capital) 302375 San Pedro NHS GAS
San Remigio 302344 Barangbang NHS GAS
San Remigio 302357 Gideon M. Cabigunda MS GAS, TVL
San Remigio 310707 Gov. Evelio B. Javier MNHS GAS
Sebaste 302377 Sebaste HS GAS, TVL
Sibalom 302354 Egaña NHS GAS, TVL
Sibalom 302370 Pangpang NHS GAS, TVL
Sibalom 302373 Pis-anan NHS GAS, TVL
Sibalom 302378 Sido-San Juan NHS GAS
Sibalom 310703 Sibalom NHS GAS, TVL
Sibalom 310710 Dr. Luis E. Baraquia NHS TVL
Tibiao 302381 Sta. Justa NHS GAS, TVL
Tibiao 310702 Tario Lim MHS GAS, TVL
Tobias Fornier (Dao) 302345 Barasanan NHS GAS, TVL
Tobias Fornier (Dao) 302352 Concepcion L. Cazeñas MS GAS, TVL
Tobias Fornier (Dao) 302353 Diclum NHS GAS, TVL
Tobias Fornier (Dao) 302355 Gamad-Sto. Tomas NHS TVL
Tobias Fornier (Dao) 302360 Igcado NHS GAS
Tobias Fornier (Dao) 302371 Pascual M. Osuyos MS GAS
Valderrama 302384 Valderrama NHS GAS, TVL

  • ABM - Accountancy, Business, and Management 
  • HUMSS - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • GAS - General Academic Strand
  • Technical Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track
  • Sports Track
  • Arts and Design Track

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