This Philippine Nurses Licensure Examination consists of five parts namely: Nursing Practice I - Community Health Nursing, Nursing Practice II - Care of Healthy/ At Risk Mother and Child, Nursing Practice III - Care of Clients with Physiologic Alterations (Part A), Nursing Practice Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alterations (Part C).

List of Passers: Nurse Licensure/Board Examination PRC June 2018

The tests draw basic knowledge, skills and attitudes in the major subject areas i.e, Fundamentals of Nursing including Professional Adjustments, Maternal and Child Nursing, Community Health and Communicable Disease Nursing, Nursing of Adolescents, Adults and Aged, and Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing.

The following areas of knowledge will be integrated in each of the above-named suject areas: Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Nutrition Diet Therapy, and Parasitology & Microbiology.

Nursing process serves as the framework in the nursing care of individuals, families, population groups and communities in various stages of development in health care setting. The focus of nursing care is the promotion of health, prevention of illness, curative and rehabilative aspects of care, alleviation of suffering and when recovery is not possible, towards a peaceful death.

The examination will test competencies in relation to the eleven (11) key areas of responsibility contained in the Competency Standards of Nursing Practice in the Philippines. These key areas are categorized as follows:

I. Patient Care Competencies
1. Safe and Quality Nursing Care
2. Communication
3. Collaboration and Teamwork
4. Health Education

II. Empowering Competencies
5. Legal Responsibilities
6. Ethico-Moral-Spiritual Responsibilities
7. Personal and Professional Development

III. Enabling Competencies
8. Management of Resources and Environment
9. Records Management

IV. Enhancing Competencies
10. Research
11. Quality Improvement


June 2016 NLE - 6,183 out of 14,184 passed
➢ Results released after 9 working days

November 2016 NLE - 6,836 out of 14,322 passed
➢ Results released after 12 working days

June 2017 NLE - 3,882 out of 11,176 passed
➢ Results released after 8 working days

November 2017 NLE - 5,875 out of 12,869 passed
➢ Results released after 11 working days

June 2018 NLE - ???
➢ Results released after ___ working days

So, expect the result of the exam to be released in the 2nd or 3rd week of June 2018. Two holidays will occur in the second week of June; the Independence Day (June 12), and Eid al-Fitr (June 15). This will cause the release of the results of the exam to be delayed more. Please be noted that the more the examinees who took the said exam the more the released of the exam will be delayed.

List of Passers: [NLE] Nurse Licensure/Board Examination PRC June 2018

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Surnames [ G to M ]
Surnames [ N to Z ]

source: PRC

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