Here is the official lineup of the SoKor team in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta & Palembang, Indonesia. They are the possible team that our Gilas Pilipinas will be facing in the next round of the basketball tourney for men.

LIST: South Korea's Lineup 2018 ASIAD Basketball Tournament Men

See the official lineup below:

LIST: South Korea's Lineup 2018 ASIAD Basketball Tournament Men

 Kim Junyl - 5'11"
 Park Chanhee - 6'3"
 Choi Junyong - 6'7"
 Lee Junghyun - 6'3"
 Kim Sunhyung - 6'2"
 Heo Hoon - 5'11"
 Heo Ung - 6'1"
 Heo Ilyoung - 5'11"
 Kang Sangjae - 6'7"
 Jeon Junbeon - 6'4"
 Ricardo Ratliffe - 6'6" (naturalized player)
 Lee Seounghyun - 6'6"
As you can see in the lineup above, the Koreans are reinforced by former PBA import Ricardo Ratliffe. Ratliffe scored 30 points in their last game against host team Indonesia wherein they demolished the Indonesians 104 to 65. With his power inside the paint plus the hot shooting of the Koreans beyond the arc, this team is really hard to beat (honestly speaking).

Because our Gilas team lost against China (80-82), the possibility of playing the Koreans in the next round is very big because Kazakhstan will need a miracle to win against China. But if Kazakhstan will pull out a hell of an upset, then Gilas will top Group D and will be facing either Indonesia or Thailand.

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