All the takers of the CSE that was given last March 17, 2019 are waiting for the release of the result both for the Professional and the Non-professional levels. The result is expected to be release after 40 to 60 days of the exam date.

I passed the Civil Service Exam wayback year 2012 but wasn't able to get a permanent job as a government employee. But hopefully the new passers that will be listed here will be given the job that they really desire.

And to those takers that will going to fail the exam, just try and try and study hard next time to be able to pass it. You have to think that the examination fee of 500 pesos is also big when you continue to fail. You can try to review online for free using these reviewers {source} {source}.

All the passers from all regions will be posted here alphabetically (by region) as soon as the Civil Service posted the results on their official website. Many other blogs and websites will also post the list of passers which is really good because most of the time, the official website of Civil Service is very slow to load especially when there are so many visitors on it.

Overview of Civil Service Exams last year 2018
March 18, 2019 Exam
→ 25,602 Professional level passers
→ 4,573 Sub Professional level passers
→ 30,175 Total Passers
→ 279, 787 Total Examinees
→ May 22, 2019 Exam Passers Released date

August 12, 2019 Exam
→ 19,510 Professional level passers
→ 2,577 Sub Professional level passers
→ 22,087 Total Passers
→ 181,985 Total Examinees
→ October 17, 2018 Exam Passers Released date
→ Morong, Rizal exam not included due to suspension because of typhoon Habagat.

Personally, I cannot say that the exam is difficult because I passed it the first time that I took it. But I cannot say it now, CSC might changed the difficulties of their exam as the the years go by that's why there are so many who failed.

There is another way to pass the exam without even taking it. If you are a honor student after you graduated in college (cum laude, magna or summa), then, you are automatically eligible to claim the Certificate of Eligibility and become a Civil Service passer instantly. You just need to pass some requirements to be able to avail it.

Now, here are the list of passers which might get posted this 2nd or 3rd or even 4th week of May 2019. I only predicted it based on last year's results which was posted on May 22nd.


Links will be activated when the list of passers are officially released by CSC.