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LIVE: Philippines vs Saraburi Thai-Denmark 2019 Tuna Sealect U23 - Battle for 3RD

Watch the 2019 Thailand Tuna Sealect Volleyball Championships tournament both for Men and Women. The live streaming below between the Philippines (White) vs Saraburi, Thailand - Denmark (Orange) for men's tournament will start at 11:00 AM (Manila Time).

Part 1 Replay

Part 2 Replay

Part 3 Replay

Part 4 Replay

Part 5 Replay

Winning shot!

The Score

SET 1: 22-25 Saburi
SET 2: 27-29 Saburi
SET 3: 25-16 PH
SET 4: 25-18 PH
SET 5: 26-24 PH

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