CNN Philippines offers one NBA game on their channel and that's not everyday. NBA Philippines Facebook page also offers one NBA game live streaming on their page but that's also limited. And these two only offer most of the time the Los Angeles Lakers games as well as the Golden State Warriors games.

The best way to watch NBA today not only one but any game that you wanted everyday is via internet live streaming. And we listed all of the websites below.

1. NBA for Free | Reddit NBA Streams
Pros: Free amd High definition live stream. All NBA games live streaming is available to watch.
Cons: Popup ads that you cannot control

Pros: Free and all NBA game live streamings are available to watch
Cons: Annoying ads

3. Sports Stream
Pros: Free and all NBA games are available to watch also
Cons: Popup ads. For pc/Mac/laptop users you need to unblock flash first to be able to watch.

4. Hulk Stream
Pros: Free. NBA live games are all available to watch.
Cons: Popup ads.

5. Rojadirecta
Pros: Free. NBA games are all free to watch.
Cons: Popup ads. Ads with malware and viruses.

6. Joker Live Stream
Pros: Free and you can watch all NBA games live.
Cons: Popup ads.

7. Live NBA Stream
Pros: Free and all NBA games live are available to watch also.
Cons: Popup ads.

8. Live Stream 365
Pros: Free and all live NBA games are there.
Cons: Needs flash player for computer users. Popup ads.

9. Wiz 1
Pros: Free to watch NBA games
Cons: Popup ads

10. USA Goals
Pros: Free NBA games live streaming
Cons: Annoying ads.