The new Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmasters Tools) offers many great features. And because it is new, there is no excuse that you will get lost inside your dashboard. If you wanted to remove an invalid sitemap inside Search Console and you can't find the delete or remove button, then, just follow the simple steps below to do so.

Table of Contents:
✅ Opening Google Search Console
✅ Selecting the Blog/Website that contains the sitemap to be deleted
✅ Selecting the sitemap to be deleted
✅ Opening Sitemap setting

How to Remove Sitemap in Google Search Console

👉 Go to and press the Start now button.
👉 Inside Google Search Console, select the website that you want to remove a sitemap. Then, in the Index section, press Sitemaps.

👉 Under Submitted Sitemaps, press the sitemap that you wanted to delete.

👉 Located near the upper right corner of your screen, you will see there the 3 dots. Click the dots to continue.

👉 In the dropdown menu that will appear, press Remove sitemap.

👉 In the pop message that will appear, press Remove.

👉 Done!