Yep! you read the title right and clear. You can download any file over 1 or 2 or 3 GB using your Globe sim without the use of any promo registration.

As we already know, 700 MB is the allowed data per day if you are registered to a Globe promo like the Supersurf50, 150, 250, 999. And if you are going to redeem using your earned points using the so-called REWSURF1D, Globe will only give you 1GB free data to use.

To be able to download a HD movie, or a big size file over 1GB or 2GB, all you need is a 50 pesos worth of load.

You do not need to register the load you just need to use it directly. I recommend to do the trick during non-peak hours from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM in the morning for the fastest download speed available.


1. No data cap
2. No speed throttling
3. You can download anything


1. When your load is consumed then your internet connection is also doomed.
2. Your internet has a timer.
3. When you decided to download during peak hours then you will not be able to fulfil the "download over 1GB file" of this article.


This is not free, but we just wanted to avoid the capping of Globe. So if you wanted to download a file over the data cap then you can use this trick. But if your file is just within the capping then, there is no need to use the trick.