Because of the free SSL certificate provided by Blogger in all of its users, we can see some duplicate blog URLs or domains inside our Google Search Console account because we all switched from using http to https.

Observing the indexed coverage of one of your blog or website inside the search console, you will see too many URLs that Google considered as duplicate or canonical. This is because of the sitemaps that we already submitted when we are still using http and then our new sitemaps has https. Instead of removing the old http sitemaps one-by-one, all we need to do is just remove that property or domain.

Why do we need to remove it inside our Google console? Google robot will assume that you have duplicate URLs which might impact your Google search appearances. Other URLs that considered by Google as canonicals are the mobile view URLs of our website which automatically adds ?=m1 after the .html. For this one, I still do not know what to do.

But for now, we just need to delete or remove a duplicate property inside our Google Search console account.


1. Open Google Search console account, click here.

2. In the search property, select the domain or property that you want to delete.

3. When the property is selected already, scroll down the sidebar menu and find Settings.
4. In the Property Settings, click Remove Property.

5. It will ask your confirmation whether you really want to delete that property. Just click Remove Property.

6. Done!