It is too annoying and really really frustrating, when your website URL gets blocked by Facebook and you cannot share it anymore anywhere inside Facebook.

If you have thousands, hundred thousands, or even million followers or likers inside your Facebook page and your website got banned by Facebook for an unknown reason, then that is really devastating.

The fact is, the situation above happened many times to me before. Maybe because my other blog is all about live streaming and Facebook blocked that blog immediately after posting some links inside my FB page. What irritates me is that Facebook is allowing multiple Watch Parties inside its platform while in fact those individuals providing or sharing that Watch Parties which also contain live streaming of a live game, movie or whatsoever is also spam, or violating something. I do not want to mention it. But maybe Facebook just wanted all things to happen inside Facebook and Facebook do not wanted to make their user go outside Facebook, that is sharing something out of Facebook will be considered as SPAM by their bot.

Before, my main source of visits was via Google Search engine but because of so many Google Updates that really changed how a page appear inside a particular search query my blog was affected and did not perform well after the update. I shifted to social media as the main source of my visits and I got hundred thousands of likers as well as followers for a page that I created. I shared a lot of stuffs there which I think is not spam but Facebook also changed it rules regarding sharing links inside its platform and they also became very very strict about it. In a short story, when I share a link sometimes Facebook will warn me that is a spam post blah blah blah! And when I continue to post such kinda link the domain of that link will be blocked without prior notice.

Well, you can see that your domain name was already blocked when you post inside your page and that post will not be posted and a warning message from Facebook will appear that "this post goes against our community standards on spam".

Now, after a very long introduction, you just need to bypass or find a way to still be able to post inside your page and make your likers and followers visit your website.


1. First, go to REPLIT website.

2. Press the +new repl button that you will see there in the upper right part of the page.

3. For the Language choose HTML, CSS, JS (HTML - hypertext markup language, CSS - cascading stylesheet, JS - javascript)

4. Press Create Repl.

5. Inside the index.html page copy and paste the given code below:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
@media screen and (min-width: 601px) {
    font-size: 80px;

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
    font-size: 30px;
a {text-decoration:none;}

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" width="50%" />

<h4 style='color: red;'>How to remove/hide Quickedit button in Blogger</h4>
<h3>Click here to read article</h3></a></center>

Customizing your Bypasser!
a. For the red link - just replace it with your own link that you wanted to share inside Facebook.
b. For the blue link - just replace it with your own image link or thumbnail.
c. For the brown text - just replace it with your own Title.

6. When done, press the RUN button to preview your bypasser!

7. When you see the preview, just copy the link of the preview link the sample link below.

8. The link above is not blocked so you can share it inside your Facebook page. The link will also redirect your likers and followers to your website which is blocked.

9. Done!

TIP: If you wanted your link to last forever, you will need to register for an account for free. Links created without an account on REPLIT only lasts for an hour.