If you are editing your blogger blog then when you are previewing your blogspot you will see the annoying Quickedit button there also. This quickedit button has the wrench and screwdriver icons.

Quickedit main function is to give us bloggers easier way to edit a specific gadget without the need to go to our Blogger Layout. But if you wanted to have a clean look while previewing your blog then you might want to remove or hide this useful yet a little irritating icon. Doing the job is very easy though.


1. Go to your Blogger Theme.

2. Click Edit HTML

3. Click anywhere inside your template's code and press CTRL + F (shortcut for Find or Search).
In the search field type this ]]></b:skin> and press ENTER. (Tip: You can copy the given code and paste it inside the search field).

4. After finding it, just above it type the given code below.

.quickedit { display: none; }

5. After doing step 4, save your template.

6. Preview your blogspot and the quickedit button is now gone!

7. Finished!

In case you wanted to make the quickedit button to appear again when you are previewing your blogspot while editing it. Just remove the .quickedit { display: none; } code inside your blogger template skin section and you are ready to go.