Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Angolan actresses. Some of these are also former beauty queen, singer, dancer, model, and TV host. See the full list below. Note: The names below are just list and not a ranking.

LIST: 9 Most Beautiful Angolan Actresses

LIST: Most Beautiful Angolan Actresses

1. Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes Umenyiora is an Angolan actress, TV host, model and beauty queen who won the titles of Miss Angola UK 2010, Miss Angola 2010 and Miss Universe 2011. 
Born: 26 February 1986, Benguela, Angola. 
Height: 1.78 m. 
Spouse: Osi Umenyiora (m. 2015). 
Education: University of Suffolk. 
Parents: Geraldo Vieira Lopes, Dulce Costa

2. Ciomara Morais is an actress and writer.
Born: March 14, 1984, Angola
Movies: Querida Preciosa (2018), All Is Well (2011) and A Ilha dos Cães (2017)

3. Sharam Diniz is an actress. 
Other name: Sharam-Sharam da Conceição Diniz. 
Born: March 2, 1991 in Angola
Movies: Alma e Coração (2018), Bridecon (2018) and Lip Sync Portugal (2019)

4. Lesliana Pereira is an actress
Born: Nzinga, Queen of Angola (2013), I Love Paraisópolis (2015) and Njinga, Rainha de Angola (2013)

5. Micaela Patrícia Reis is an Angolan actress, TV Host, model and beauty queen who was a Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe 2007 and placed first runner-up to Miss World 2007, becoming Miss World Africa. 
Born: 21 December 1988, Luanda Province, Angola
TV shows: Windeck (2012 – 2013), Voo Directo - A Vida a 900 à Hora

6. Mel Gamboa or Melakrini Olavo Gamboa is an Angolan-Romanian actress , artist of voiceover, presenter of television and radio, and producer.
Born: 23 May 1984, Romania

7. Erica Chissapa is an Angolan actress
Movies: Nzinga, Queen of Angola (2013), Voo Directo (2010) and Jikulumessu (2014). 
Born: 22 December 1987, Huambo, Angola

8. Nadia Silva is an Angolan actress
Movies: Tut (2015), Windeck (2012) and Borgia (2011). 
Born: 1989, Cabinda Province, Angola. 
Spouse: Filipe Ferreira

9. Helena Moreno, also known as Helena Morena, is an Angolan actress who has appeared in several Angolan telenovela series. Outside of entertainment, she has worked as a Portuguese language teacher. 
Born: Angola.