LIST: Most Beautiful German Actresses

Germany is home to many talented actresses from the 70's,  up to present. For this list we gathered some of the most beautiful actresses. Some of these actresses are also models, singers, dancers, producers, directors, writers, former beauty queen, and successful businesswomen. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: Most Beautiful German Actresses

1. Adelheid Arndt is a German actress.
Born: 3 January 1952, Heidelberg, Germany
Children: Johanna Arndt
TV shows: Family Passions
Awards: German Film Award for Best Overall Acting Performance
Movies: The Practice of Love (1985), 1+1=3 (1979), Rosa Luxemburg (1986), Maiden's War (1977), Hatschipuh (1987)

2. Adrienne Haan is a German-Luxembourgish actress, singer and writer who has appeared in theatre, cabaret and concert.
Born: 7 April 1978, Essen, Germany
Education: The Juilliard School

3. Adrienne McQueen is a German-American actress.
Born: 16 June 1983, Frankfurt, Germany
Parents: Marion Jansen-Baisch
Education: Royal Academy of Dance
Movies: Post Impact (2004), BloodRayne (2005), Brotherhood of Blood (2007), Android Cop (2014)

4. Aglaja Brix is a German actress. She is best known for playing the role of Vivien Overbeck in the TV detective series Die Pfefferkörner.
Born: 15 August 1990, Hamburg, Germany
TV shows: Die Pfefferkörner

5. Alena Gerber is a German model, actress and TV host.
Born: 20 August 1989, Ostfildern, Germany
Spouse: Clemens Fritz (m. 2017)
Siblings: Deborah Gerber
TV shows: Böse Mädchen (Since 2007), Richard the Lionheart (1961 – 1965)

6. Alexandra Finder is a German actress. She appeared in more than thirty films since 1998.
Born: 12 July 1977, Berlin, Germany
Education: Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts
Movies: Swimming (2018), The Police Officer's Wife (2013), Party Of Eight (2013), Spiderwebhouse (2015), The City Below (2010)

7. Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld is a German model and actress.
Born: 29 December 1966 (age 53 years), Baden-Baden, Germany
Height: 1.77 m
Parents: Peter Griffin
TV shows: Antonia - Zwischen Liebe und Macht, Barbara Wood Collection
Siblings: Patricia Kamp, Robin Kamp, Dominic Kamp, Nicolas Kamp
Movies: Sumuru (2003), Deep Freeze (2002), Horst Schlämmer - Isch kandidiere! (2009), Dracula 3000 (2004), 2001: A Space Travesty (2000)

8. Alexandra Maria Lara is a Romanian-German actress who has appeared in Downfall, Control, Youth Without Youth, The Reader, Rush, and Geostorm.
Born: 12 November 1978, Bucharest, Romania
Height: 1.74 m
Spouse: Sam Riley (m. 2009)
TV shows: Doctor Zhivago, You Are Wanted, Mensch, Pia!
Movies: Downfall (2004), Rush (2013), Geostorm (2017), Youth Without Youth (2007), Control (2007)

9. Alexandra Monika Neldel is a German actress from Berlin.
Born: 11 February 1976, West Berlin
Parents: Klaus-Eberhard Neldel
Nominations: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best actress
Movies and TV shows: The Whore (2010), The Revenge of the Whore (2012), Verliebt in Berlin (2005 – 2007), Das Vermächtnis der Wanderhure (2012), Bang Boom Bang (1999)

10. Alice Dwyer is a German actress. She has appeared in more than seventy films since 1999. In 2003 she received the silver Deutscher Filmpreis for her performance as Katharina in Distant Lights and in 2008 the Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis as best new talent.
Born: 1988, Berlin, Germany
Spouse: Sabin Tambrea (m. 2018)
Parents: Angela Dwyer
Siblings: Jordan Elliot Dwyer
Nominations: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best actress
Movies and TV shows: Herr und Frau Bulle (Since 2018), Remembrance (2011), Ma folie (2015), The Invisibles (2017), Move (2012)

11. Alicia Gräfin von Rittberg is a German actress. Following numerous roles in German films and television series, she came to attention outside Germany for her brief role as Emma in the 2014 film Fury.
Born: 10 December 1993, Munich, Germany
Height: 1.65 m
Education: Zeppelin University
Awards: Bambi - German actress
Parents: Christiane von Rittberg, Andreas von Rittberg
Movies and TV shows: Charité (Since 2017), Fury (2014), Godless Youth (2017), Lotte am Bauhaus (2019), Rate your Date (2019)

12. Alina Levshin is a German-Ukrainian actress. She moved with her parents from the Soviet Union to Germany when she was six. From 2006 to 2010, she studied acting at the College of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam.
Born: 10 September 1984, Odesa, Ukraine
Awards: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Outstanding Achievement Fiction
Movies and TV shows: Combat Girls (2011), Dunkelstadt, In Face of the Crime (Since 2010), Alaska Johansson, Rivals Forever - The Sneaker Battle (2016)

13. Alissa Jung is a German actress and physician.
Born: 30 June 1981, Münster, Germany
Height: 1.76 m
Partner: Luca Marinelli
Children: Lenius Jung, Julina Hahn
Parents: Burkhard Jung, Juliane Kirchner-Jung
Movies and TV shows: Mary of Nazareth (2012), Im Brautkleid meiner Schwester (2012), Griechische Küsse (2008), Das Menschenmögliche (2019), Zweisitzrakete (2013)

14. Almila Bagriacik is a German actress of Turkish descent. She has performed in German film and television.
Born: 10 July 1990, Ankara, Turkey
Awards: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best multi-part television film
Parents: Çiğdem Bağrıaçık, Münir Bağrıaçık
Movies and TV shows: A Regular Woman (2019), Borowski und der Fluch der weißen Möwe (2020), 4 Blocks (2017 – 2019), Tatort: Borowski und das Glück der anderen (2018), Hördur - Between Worlds (2015)

15. Alwara Höfels is a German actress who works both in front of the camera and on the theater stage.
Born: 6 April 1982, Kronberg, Germany
Education: Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts
TV shows: Tatort, Crime Scene Cleaner, Allein gegen die Zeit, Das Programm
Parents: Klara Höfels, Michael Greiling
Movies: Un Conejo Sin Orejas (2007), Mein Freund, das Ekel (2019), F*ck You, Goethe (2013), Tatort (2016), Tatort - Wer jetzt allein ist (2018)

16. Amanda Michelle Seyfried is an American actress, singer, and model. Born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Seyfried began modelling when she was 11 and ventured into acting when she was 15. She is of mostly German descent, with smaller amounts of English, Scots-Irish, and Welsh ancestry.
Born: 3 December 1985, Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Height: 1.59 m
Spouse: Thomas Sadoski (m. 2017)
TV shows: Veronica Mars, Big Love, House, American Dad!
Children: Nina Sadoski Seyfried
Movies: Mamma Mia! (2008), Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018), Mean Girls (2004), Letters to Juliet (2010), Jennifer's Body (2009)

17. Amelie Kiefer is an actress.
Born: 17 October 1987, Munich, Germany
Siblings: Jan-Hendrik Kiefer
Nominations: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best Supporting Actress
TV shows: 54 Hours, Fett und Fett, Labaule & Erben
Movies: Kaptn Oskar (2013), Nirgendwo (2016), Die Drachen besiegen (2009), Storno: Todsicher versichert, Away You Go (2018)

18. Amira El Sayed is an Egyptian-Austrian actress and author based in Berlin, Germany.
Born: 3 June 1991, Innsbruck, Austria
Education: Max Reinhardt Seminar
Movies: A Hologram for the King (2016), Tigermilch (2017), I kissed Sonja (2013), Schleierhaft (2014)

19. Andrea Sawatzki is a German actress. From 2002 to 2010 she starred in the Hessischer Rundfunk version of the popular television crime series Tatort as police inspector Charlotte Sänger. She also gained some international prominence as a co-actor in the German films Bandits and Das Experiment.
Born: 23 February 1963, Kochel, Germany
Height: 1.72 m
Spouse: Christian Berkel (m. 2011)
Children: Bruno Berkel, Moritz Berkel
TV shows: Tatort, Bella, Arme Millionäre, Borgia, Klimawechsel
Movies: Von Erholung war nie die Rede (2017), Familie Bundschuh - Tief durchatmen, die Familie kommt (2015), Familie Bundschuh - Wir machen Abitur (2019), Ants in the Pants (2000), The Experiment (2001)

20. Angela Roy is a German actress and director.
Born: 24 June 1957, Hamburg, Germany
Height: 1.71 m
Education: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Children: Lisa Roy
Movies and TV shows: Rote Rosen, Cold Spring

21. Angela Winkler is a German actress.
Born: 22 January 1944, Templin, Germany
Partner: Wiegand Wittig
Children: Nele Winkler, Lasse Winkler, Tamo Winkler, Luca Winkler
Albums: Ich liebe dich, kann ich nicht sagen
Awards: Independent Spirit Robert Altman Award, German Film Award for Best Overall Acting Performance
Movies and TV shows: The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (1975), The Tin Drum (1979), Suspiria (2018), Dark (2017 – 2020), Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

22. Angelica Domröse is a German actress, who became famous in the role of Paula in Heiner Carow's film The Legend of Paul and Paula. Her Mediterranean appearance is the result of her biological father being a prisoner of war from France.
Born: 4 April 1941, Berlin, Germany
Spouse: Hilmar Thate (m. 1976–2016), Jiří Vršťala (m. 1966–1975)
TV shows: Ways across the Country
Movies:  The Legend of Paul and Paula (1973), Love's Confusion (1959), Daniel Druskat, Effi Briest (1971), The Mistake

23. Angelika Waller is a German actress. She appeared in more than fifty films since 1962. Her first leading role was in the 1965 film The Rabbit Is Me, a film which was banned in East Germany and released only in 1989.
Born: 26 October 1944, Bärwalde (Fläming), Niederer Fläming, Germany
Movies: The Rabbit Is Me, Red Fox, Schwarze Panther
Children: Susann Thiede

24. Anita Lochner is a German film and television actress.
Born: 24 April 1950, Frankfurt, Germany
Movies: Tears of Blood (1972), Baker's Bread (1976), Deep End (1970), Der Commander (1988), Und der Regen verwischt jede Spur

25. Anja Kling is a German actress and voice actress. She is the younger sister of actress and voice actress Gerit Kling.
Born: 22 March 1970, Wilhelmshorst, Michendorf, Germany
Height: 1.71 m
Spouse: Oliver Haas (m. 2018)
Siblings: Gerit Kling
Children: Tano Kling, Alea Kling
Movies and TV shows:  Help, I Shrunk My Teacher (2015), Freud (2020), Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1 (2004), Help, I Shrunk My Parents (2018), Honigfrauen (2017)

26. Anja Knauer is a German actress who has played the leading female role in some German films.
Born: 18 March 1979, Hamburg, Germany
Height: 1.7 m
Education: Freie Universität Berlin
Siblings: Tim Knauer
Movies and TV shows: Mon amour du lagon (Since 2018), Gut zu Vögeln (2016), Küss mich, Frosch (2000), Rosamunde Pilcher: Ein Doktor und drei Frauen, Tsunami (2005)

27. Anjorka Strechel is an award-winning German film and theater actress. Her television credits include Polizeiruf 110 and Tatort. Her film credits include My Friend from Faro and The Edge.
Born: 12 January 1982, Lüneburg, Germany
Awards: Golden Eagle Award for Best Leading Actress
Nominations: Nika Award for Best Actress
Movies: To Faro (2008), The Edge (2010), The Strange Little Cat (2013), Die Besucher (2012), Marie Brand und das ewige Wettrennen (2017)

28. Anke Christina Fischer is a Canadian-German comedian, actress and voice-over actress born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Born: 21 December 1965, Montreal, Canada
Full name: Anke Christina Engelke
Movies: Ghosthunters on Icy Trails, Frau Müller muss weg!
Children: Emma Grimm, Lasse Fischer, Aaron Fischer
Spouse: Claus Fischer (m. 2005), Andreas Grimm (m. 1994–2005)
TV shows: Ladykracher (2002 – 2013), Anke (2000 – 2001), Die Wochenshow (Since 1996), Ladyland (Since 2006), Fröhliche Weihnachten (Since 2007)

29. Anna Angelina Wolfers is a German actress, blogger, model and entrepreneur.
Born: 8 November 1978, Siegen, Germany
Partner: Johannes Strate
Education: Deutsches Zentrum für Schauspiel und Film
Children: Emil Strate
Movies and TV shows: Storm of Love (Since 2005), Geister: All Inclusive (2011), Jabhook (Since 2010)

30. Anna Bederke is a German actress. She has appeared in more than ten films since 2009.
Born: 1981, Hamburg, Germany
Height: 1.72 m
TV shows: Blochin, Cenk Batu Undercover Agent, Till Eulenspiegel
Movies: Soul Kitchen (2009), Scrappin' (2016), Frau Ella (2013), La meilleure saison (2017), LenaLove (2016)

31. Anna Brüggemann is a German actress and screenwriter. She has appeared in more than sixty films since 1997.
Born: 24 March 1981, Munich, Germany
Spouse: Henning Stöve
Parents: Diethelm Brüggemann
Siblings: Dietrich Brüggemann
TV shows: Kommissarin Lucas, Die Dickköpfe, Die Kinder der Flucht
Movies: Run If You Can (2010), Move (2012), Stations of the Cross (2014), Neun Szenen (2006), Heil (2015)

32. Marion Anna Fischer is a German actress and singer. Since 2003, she appeared in over 30 film and television roles in appearance. She is most recognised to international audiences as the perky vampire Nora in Dennis Gansel's drama film We Are The Night.
Born: 18 July 1986, East Berlin
Height: 1.63 m
Genre: Classical
Albums: P..A.N..D.A., Helldunkel, Nos Vamos Juntos – Un Tributo a las Canciones de Caifanes y Jaguares, Vol. 1
Awards: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best Supporting Actress
Movies and TV shows: Single By Contract (2010), Die Heiland – Wir sind Anwalt (Since 2018), We Are The Night (2010), Heiter bis Wolkig (2012), Liebeskind (2005)

33. Anna Hausburg is an actress.
Born: 1990, Berlin, Germany
Height: 1.61 m
TV shows: Käthe und ich, Meine schönsten Jahre
Movies: True Love Ways (2014), Kochbuch der Liebe, Rosamunde Pilcher - Die Braut meines Bruders (2019), Leroy (2007), 16 über Nacht! (2014)

34. Anna Katharina Schwabroh is a German actress.
Born: 21 October 1979, Hamburg, Germany
Education: Bern University of Applied Sciences
Movies: Cargo

35. Anna Loos is a German actress and singer. She has appeared in more than fifty films since 1996. Since 2006 she has been the voice of rock band Silly. She is married to the actor Jan Josef Liefers. They have two daughters together and live in Berlin-Steglitz.
Born: 18 November 1970, Brandenburg, Germany
Spouse: Jan Josef Liefers (m. 2004)
Music group: Silly (2006 – 2018)
Children: Lilly Anna Sophia Liefers, Lola Liefers
Albums: Werkzeugkasten, Wutfänger
Movies and TV shows: Helen Dorn (Since 2014), Anatomy (2000), Weissensee (Since 2010), Nacht über Berlin (2013), Helen Dorn - Das dritte Mädchen (2014)

36. Anna Maria Mühe is a German actress.
Born: 23 July 1985, East Berlin
Genre: Electronica
Siblings: Andreas Mühe, Jeanne Gröllmann, Sophie Marie Mühe, Jacob Mühe, Konrad Mühe
Parents: Ulrich Mühe, Jenny Gröllmann
Awards: Shooting Stars Award, Bambi - German actress, Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best multi-part television film
Movies and TV shows: Big Girls Don't Cry (2002), Dogs of Berlin (Since 2018), My Blind Date With Life (2017), Not My Day (2014), Bauhaus - A New Era (Since 2019)

37. Anna Schudt is a German Emmy-winning actress. She is internationally best known for playing comedian Gaby Köster in the television film Ein Schnupfen hätte auch gereicht.
Born: 23 March 1974, Konstanz, Germany
Height: 1.76 m
Spouse: Moritz Führmann (m. 2010)
Nominations: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best actress
Awards: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best Movie Made for Television
Movies and TV shows: Ein Schnupfen hätte auch gereicht (2017), Mordshunger - Verbrechen und andere Delikatessen, Tatort: Tollwut (2017), Aufbruch in die Freiheit (2018), Eine harte Tour (2020)

38. Anna Thalbach is a German actress. Her mother Katharina Thalbach is also an actress.
Born: 1 June 1973, Berlin, Germany
Height: 1.58 m
Children: Nellie Thalbach
Parents: Katharina Thalbach, Vladimir Weigl
Albums: Es war zur lieben Weihnachtszeit (Ungekürzte Fassung), Anna Thalbach liest... und die Geisterinsel (ungekürzte Lesung)
Movies: Sprite Sisters - Vier zauberhafte Schwestern (2020), Raven the Little Rascal (2012), Friedrich - Ein deutscher Konig (2012), Wir sind die Rosinskis (2016), Krabat (2008)

39. Anna-Katharina Samsel is a German actress. Samsel grew up in Wolfsburg where she completed her Abitur. In 1999 she became the German artistic roller skating champion and won the World Championships in 1999, 2000 and 2002. Samsel appeared in the music video of Coldplay's 2008 single "Lost!".
Born: 12 April 1985, Hanover, Germany
Height: 1.75 m
Awards: Silbernes Lorbeerblatt
Movies and TV shows: Guardians (2012), Kokowääh 2 (2013), Alles was zählt (Since 2006)

40. Anna-Lena Schwing is a German actress.
Born: 1996, Bremen, Germany
Movies and TV shows: Die Affäre Borgward (2018), Paper Crowns And Bird Feathers, In Your Dreams (2013), An American Dream (2017)

41. Annett Fleischer is a German presenter and actress. Fleischer was born in East Berlin growing up as an only child in the districts of Lichtenberg and Hoppegarten. After graduation from high school in 1999, she left the city to study in Hamburg.
Born: 21 June 1979, East Berlin
Height: 1.73 m
Movies and TV shows: Heiter bis tödlich - Hubert und Staller (Since 2011), Hubert und Staller - Unter Wölfen, Böse Mädchen (Since 2007), Unter Wölfen (2016), Die Luther Matrix

42. Annett Renneberg is a German actor and singer.
Born: 16 March 1978, Rudolstadt, Germany
Height: 1.69 m
Movies and TV shows: Devotion (2002), Donna Leon's Brunetti Mysteries (2000 – 2019), Donna Leon: Ewige Jugend (2019), In aller Freundschaft (Since 1998), Donna Leon: Stille Wasser (2019)

43. Annette Frier is a German actress and comedian.
Born: 22 January 1974, Cologne, Germany
Spouse: Johannes Wünsche (m. 2002)
Siblings: Caroline Frier
Children: Bruno Wünsche, Josephine Wünsche
Parents: Mechthild Frier, Jörg Frier
Movies and TV shows: Ella Schön (Since 2018), Danni Lowinski (2010 – 2014), Merz gegen Merz (Since 2019), Die Müttermafia-Patin (2015), Ella Schön - Die nackte Wahrheit (2019)

44. Annika Bruhns is a German musical theater performer.
Born: 8 August 1966x, Hamburg, Germany
Education: The American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Genre: Seasonal
Record label: Fireball Event - Marketing GmbH
Albums: Christmas Stories
Parents: Wibke Bruhns, Werner Bruhns
Movies: Zwei Münchner in Hamburg (1989), Rosamunde Pilcher (1993) and Großstadtrevier (1986)

45. Ann-Kathrin Kramer is a German actress and writer.
Born: 4 April 1966, Wuppertal, Germany
Parents: Peter Stuhl
Children: Leonard Kramer
Spouse: Harald Krassnitzer (m. 2009), Peter Finkbeiner (m. 1987–1993)
Movies and TV shows: Die Konkurrentin, Mi mayor deseo

46. Antje Charlotte Sieglin is an actress.
Born: 23 August 1979, Germany
Movies: Die Männer der Emden

47. Antje Nikola Mönning is a German actress. Born in Lüdinghausen, Mönning studied acting from 1999 until 2002 at the actors' studio Schauspiel München. Her first television role was in the 2003 crime series Die Wache on RTL.
Born: 2 February 1978, Lüdinghausen, Germany
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
TV shows: For Heaven's Sake
Movies: Angels With Dirty Wings (2009), Taste of Life (2017), Illusion (2013), The Truth of Lie (2011), Roland Reber's Cabaret of Death (2020)

48. Antje Schmidt is a German actress. She appeared in more than sixty films since 1989.
Born: 1967, Moers, Germany
Movies: Ein Baby für dich, Beim nächsten Mann wird alles anders
TV shows: Die Unbestechliche

49. Antje Traue is a German actress. She speaks German and English fluently, and appeared in her first English-language role in the film Pandorum.
Born: 18 January 1981, Mittweida, Germany
Height: 1.69 m
Education: Charlotte-Wolff-Kolleg Berlin
Nominations: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best actress
Movies and TV shows: Pandorum (2009), Man of Steel (2013), Seventh Son (2014), Dark (2017 – 2020), Bye Bye Germany (2017)

50. Antje Westermann is a German actress. She appeared in more than thirty films since 1987.
Born: 13 September 1971, Dresden, Germany
Children: Anatol Aljinovic-Westermann
Awards: German Film Award for Best Supporting Actress
Movies: Rapunzel (2009), Angst (1994), Trouville Beach (1998), Gran Paradiso (2000), Wolfsburg (2003)

51. Araba Walton is an Afro-German actress and singer. She completed a three-year course at the School of Acting, The Arts Educational Schools in London after studying theater studies in Munich, Germany.
Born: 4 November 1975, Simbach am Inn, Germany
Education: Arts Educational Schools London
Movies: Berlin Calling (2008), Sunny Hill (2008), Und Äktschn! (2013), Asudem (2006), Simon (2004)

52. Aslı Bayram is a German actress and writer of Turkish descent. Since 2010, she is an Ambassador for Crime Prevention by the Justice Ministry Hessen, Germany.
Born: 1 April 1981, Darmstadt, Germany
Parents: Ali Bayram
Movies: Susurros en el desierto, Shanghai Gypsy, Body Complete
Books: Grenzgängerin - Leben zwischen den Welten

53. Astrid Margarete Fünderich is a German actress.
Born: 27 September 1963, Düsseldorf, Germany
Spouse: Mark Horyna (m. 1997)
Nominations: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best TV Series/Best Actor/Actress in a TV Series
Movies and TV shows: Stuttgart Homicide (Since 2009), SOKO – Der Prozess (2013), Die Cleveren (1998 – 2006), Sabine (2004 – 2005), Das Menschenmögliche (2019)

54. Atossa Leoni is an actress who has been working internationally in film, television and theater since childhood. Her mother is of Iranian descent, her father was born in Afghanistan and raised in Germany by his adoptive mother.
Born: October 1977, Berlin, Germany
Movies: The Kite Runner (2007), America So Beautiful (2001), The Princess and the Marine (2001), The Florist (2004), Fortunate Sons (2012)

55. Ayesha Kapur is an Sri Lankan Film actress who is best known in the Bollywood movie Black. Kapur became the recipient of many Awards in the "Best Supporting Actress" category.
Born: 13 September 1994, Düsseldorf, Germany
Awards: IIFA Award for Best Supporting Actress
Parents: Dilip Kapur, Jacqueline Kapur
Movies: Black (2005), Paani (2020), Sikandar (2009), Jism (2003)

56. Aylin Tezel is a German actress and dancer. Her father is a Turkish medical doctor practicing in Bielefeld, Germany. Her mother is a German nurse. She is a middle child, having an older sister and a younger brother.
Born: 29 November 1983, Bünde, Germany
Height: 1.67 m
Education: Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts
TV shows: Tatort, X Company, Reformation, The Mind of a Murderer, Doc meets Dorf
Parents: Ingrid Tezel, Necmettin Tezel
Movies: 7500 (2019), Die Informantin (2016), Almanya: Welcome to Germany (2011), Breaking Horizons (2012), Tatort: Tollwut (2017)

57. Ayse Romey is an American-born actress. She starred in two German-Turkish films, Mavi Surgun and Yasemin.
Born: 1970, Virginia, United States
Full name: Ayse Romey
Parents: Birsel Romey
Awards: German Film Award for Best Young Actress
Movies: Yasemin (1988), The Blue Exile (1993)

58. Barbara Auer is a German actress. She has appeared in multiple television shows and films including Meine Tochter gehört mir, Impossibly Yours, Waiting for Angelina, and The Book Thief.
Born: 1 February 1959, Konstanz, Germany
Partner: Martin Langer
Children: Samuel Auer
Books: Eye to eye, Blur: 4-dimensional photography
Awards: Deutscher Fernsehpreis - Best actress
Movies and TV shows: Tod eines Mädchens (2015), Verratene Freunde (2013), Nachtschicht (Since 2003), Die verschwundene Familie (2019), The Wall (Since 2019)

59. Barbara Becker is a German-American designer, former actress and model.
Born: 1 November 1966, Heidelberg, Germany
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Arne Quinze (m. 2009–2011), Boris Becker (m. 1993–2001)
Children: Noah Gabriel Becker, Elias Balthasar Becker
Siblings: Hannah Feltus
Parents: Harlan Ross Feltus, Ursula Feltus

60. Barbara Bouchet is a German-American actress and entrepreneuse who lives and works in Italy. She has acted in more than 80 films and television episodes and founded a production company that has produced fitness videos and books. She also owns and operates a fitness studio.
Born: 15 August 1943, Liberec, Czechia
Height: 1.66 m
Spouse: Luigi Borghese (m. 1974–2006)
TV shows: Ho sposato uno sbirro, The Rogues, Cool Million, Capri, Amiche mie, Automan, La provinciale
Children: Alessandro Borghese, Massimiliano Borghese
Movies: Casino Royale (1967), Don't Torture a Duckling (1972), Caliber 9 (1972), Amuck (1972), Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971)

61. Barbara Schöneberger is a German actress, singer, and TV presenter.
Born: 5 March 1974, Munich, Germany
Height: 1.73 m
Parents: Hans Schöneberger, Annemarie Schöneberger
Albums: Eine Frau gibt Auskunft
Movies and TV shows: NDR Talk Show (Since 1979), Denn sie wissen nicht, was passiert – Die Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger-Show (Since 2018), Blondes Gift (Since 2001), Die 2 – Gottschalk & Jauch gegen alle (Since 2013), The Robber Hotzenplotz (2006)

62. Barbara Sukowa is a German theatre and film actress. She is known for her work with directors Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Margarethe von Trotta. She won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress for the 1986 film Rosa Luxemburg. Her other film appearances include Lola, Europa, M. Butterfly, and Hannah Arendt.
Born: 2 February 1950, Bremen, Germany
Spouse: Robert Longo (m. 1994)
Movies: Hannah Arendt, Rosa Luxemburg, Marianne and Juliane
Children: Viktor Olbrychski
Albums: Im Wunderschönen Monat Mai, Gurrelieder
TV shows: 12 Monkeys (2015 – 2018), Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980), Space (Since 1985), Amor, Pasión y Mentiras

63. Bella Dayne is a German actress. Her credits include the television series Plebs, Humans and the BBC/Netflix miniseries Troy: Fall of a City, in which she portrayed Helen of Troy. In 2020 she was cast for the role of Red Spear in the Netflix original show Cursed.
Born: 8 January 1988, Berlin, Germany
Height: 1.7 m
Education: Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Movies and TV shows: Troy: Fall of a City (2018), Sex, Guaranteed (2017), Don't Hang Up (2016), Plebs (Since 2013), Humans (2015 – 2018)

64. Bernadette Heerwagen is a German actress. She began acting at the age of 16, and has since co-starred in the 1999 production Der Schandfleck, for which she was awarded the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis Sonderpreis in 2000.
Born: 22 June 1977, Bonn, Germany
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Ole Puppe
Siblings: Philipp Heerwagen
Nominations: German Film Award for Best Leading Actress
Movies and TV shows: München Mord (Since 2014), München Mord - Wo bist du, Feigling (2016), München Mord - Leben und Sterben in Schwabing (2019), München Mord - Die Unterirdischen (2019), München Mord - Wir sind die Neuen (2014)

65. Bettina Kupfer is a German actress and author who has been active since the 1980s. She and her husband, Arend Agthe, write screenplays and children's literature.
Born: 19 July 1963, Stuttgart, Germany
Spouse: Arend Agthe
Education: State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart
Movies and TV shows: Rettet Raffi!, Schutzengel gesucht

66. Bettina Zimmermann is a German model and actress. She appeared in more than sixty films since 1999.
Born: 31 March 1975, Großburgwedel, Burgwedel, Germany
Height: 1.75 m
Partner: Kai Wiesinger (2014–)
Parents: Hubertus Zimmermann, Ingetraut Zimmerman
Movies and TV shows: Der Lack ist ab (Since 2015), The Hunt for the Amber Room (2012), The Charlemagne Code (2008), Spear of Destiny (2010), Lost City Raiders (2008)

67. Birte Glang is a German actress, brand ambassador, fashion model, and lawyer. She started her career as a series regular on the award winning TV show Unter Uns. In 2012, Birte starred in the German James Bond parody “Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt”, produced by Constantin Film.
Born: 15 April 1980, Recklinghausen, Germany
Spouse: Moguai (m. 2008)
Education: Ruhr-Universität Bochum (2006), Willy-Brandt-Gymnasium
Movies and TV shows: Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt (2012), Was kostet die Liebe? - Ein Großstadtmärchen (2016), Unter Uns (Since 1994), Lena Lorenz (Since 2015), Gut zu Vögeln (2016)

68. Birthe Wolter is a German actress.
Born: 4 October 1981, Cologne, Germany
Movies and TV shows: Virus Undead (2008), The Miracle of Bern (2003), Schulmädchen (2002 – 2005), FeardotCom (2002), Schillerstraße (2004 – 2011)

69. Brittney Powell is a German-American actress. She has starred in Safety Geeks: SVI and has represented the show at Comic-Con in San Diego, California during 2009 and modeled for the Safety Geeks' 2010, 2011, and 2012 Safety Pin-Up Calendars.
Born: 4 March 1972, Würzburg, Germany
Partner: Verne Troyer (2007–2018; his death)
Other name: Brittney Rache
TV shows: Pacific Palisades, High Sierra Search and Rescue, California Dreams
Children: Tyson O'Bannon
Movies: Airborne (1993), Trouble Is My Business (2018), Fled (1996), Stacy's Mom (2009), To Be the Best (1993)

70. Brooke Christa Shields is an American actress and model. She was initially a child model and gained critical acclaim at age 12 for her leading role in Louis Malle's film Pretty Baby, in which she played a child prostitute in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century. Her mother was of English, German, Scotch-Irish, and Welsh descent.
Born: 31 May 1965, Manhattan, New York, United States
Height: 1.83 m
Spouse: Chris Henchy (m. 2001), Andre Agassi (m. 1997–1999)
Children: Rowan Francis Henchy, Grier Hammond Henchy
Movies and TV shows: The Blue Lagoon (1980), Pretty Baby (1978), Endless Love (1981), That '70s Show (1998 – 2006), Suddenly Susan (1996 – 2000)

to be continued...

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Marianne Stewart
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Nina Kunzendorf
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Nursel Köse
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Ruth Eweler
Ruth Hausmeister
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Ruth Landshoff
Ruth Leuwerik
Ruth Lommel
Ruth Maria Kubitschek
Ruth Niehaus
Ruth Stephan
Ruth Virginia Bayton
Ruth Weyher
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Sabine Bohlmann
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Sandra Fleckenstein
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Sara Schätzl
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Sascha Gura
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Saskia Vester
Selma Ergeç
Sema Meray
Senta Berger
Senta Söneland
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Seyneb Saleh
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Sibylle Rauch
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Simone Thomalla
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Sonja Gerhardt
Sonja Kehler
Sonja Sutter
Sonja Ziemann
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Sophie Charlotte Ackermann
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Sophie Wepper
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Steffi Kühnert
Steffie Spira
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Stella Kunkat
Stephanie Stumph
Sunnyi Melles
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Susan Sideropoulos
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Susanne Bormann
Susanne Cramer
Susanne Lothar
Susanne Uhlen
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Suzanne Roquette
Suzanne von Borsody
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Sybille Waury
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Tajna Tanović
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Tanja Wedhorn
Tanja Wenzel
Tatjana Alexander
Tatjana Blacher
Tatjana Kästel
Tatjana Patitz
Tatjana Sais
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The Doll Family
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Toni Tetzlaff
Toni van Eyck
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Ursula Deinert
Ursula Dirichs
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Ursula Hinrichs
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Ursula Karven
Ursula Lillig
Ursula Lingen
Ursula Reit
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Vera Tschechowa
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Wera Engels
Wera Frydtberg
Wera Liessem
Wilhelmine von Hillern
Wilma Elles
Winnie Markus
Witta Pohl
Wolke Hegenbarth
Xenia Assenza
Xenia Seeberg
Yasemin Şamdereli
Yella Rottländer
Yoon So-hee
Yvonne Brosch
Yvonne Catterfeld
Yvonne de Bark
Yvonne Mai (actress)
Yvonne Maria Schäfer
Zanetta Farussi
Zazie Beetz

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