If you wanted to pin a shortcut in your Start Menu but wasn't able to do it because there is no Pin to Start Menu option after you right-click its icon, then you can do it with just a straightforward method. And we will discuss that way of pinning anything in your Start Menu. Yes! Anything. You can even pin folders, website URL shortcuts, anything you want.

FIX: No Pin to Start Menu, pin folder, shortcut, anything Windows 7

FIX: No Pin to Start Menu, pin folder, shortcut, anything Windows 7

For this tutorial, I already created a Blogger shortcut URL link on my desktop, and I wanted to pin it on my Windows 7 start menu. See the steps below.

1. Select the icon of the shortcut that you want to pin. As you can see in my example in the image below, there is no "Pin to Start Menu" option because I am the one who created this shortcut to access my blogger account.

2. Now, if you already selected the icon, drag and drop it to Start Menu icon. See the image below.

3. Check your Start Menu, and you will see there your shortcut is automatically pinned. I also pinned my sample folder named "pending" (see image below).

4. Done!

The only way or solution for you to be able to pin anything in your start menu without the "Pin to Start Menu" is by drag and drop method.

If you wanted to make your own shortcut link see steps below:

1. Just right-click on your desktop. Find New > Shortcut.

2. You can type the URL or path of the shortcut that you want to make or click Browse to find the URL or path that you want. After that, click the Next button.

3. In the Name of the shortcut, type the Name of it, for mine, I got Facebook. Click the Finish button.

4. You now have your finished shortcut. You can also drag and drop this to your start menu to pin it there.

If you want to change the icon of it, then you need to download online an icon file. Icon files have the .ico extension. See the steps below in how to do it.

Changing the icon of a shortcut file.

1. Go to google.com and type Facebook ico file download as your keyword. Press Enter.

2. In the results, click the Images tab to see image results.

3. Select an image and load it completely. After loading, right-click the image > click Save image as...

4. Please check whether your image is really an icon file by seeing the Save as type (see image below). If so, click the Save button.

5. Back to your shortcut, right-click the shortcut, and then click Properties.

6. Click the Change Icon button.

7. Click the Browse button.

8. Find the icon file that you downloaded and press the Open button.

9. Now, press the OK button.

10. Click the Apply and then the OK button.

11. Check your shortcut, and it has the icon now, which is actually good to see.

12. You can then drag and drop it to your Start Menu for easier access in the future. Done!