First we need a program that will enable your laptop to connect to your mobile phone. We will use Mars WIFI. Shareit will use MarsWIFI connection to be able to send files from pc to mobile or phone to laptop.

How to send file phone to laptop; PC to phone using Shareit old dashboard, without internet

Latest updates, made sending files using Shareit a little bit tricky, and I can say also harder. Shareit is now intruducing the but to be able to send files using this, you need an internet connection, and scanning of QR code that the website will show. But what if you do not have an internet connection? So this is not applicable at all. Good thing, you can still share your computer local connection and Shareit can connect to it and send files using it. And Mars WIFI will do that job for us.

1. Download and install first Mars WIFI program here.
2. After installation, start your Mars WIFI.
3. Connect your mobile phone to your MarsWIFI.

If you do not have Shareit for your laptop/PC, download here.

1. After downloading, just open the file and install it.
2. Done!

Sending file(s) [e.g. video, apps, photos] from PC/laptop computer to mobile phone.

1. Open your mobile Shareit.
2. Press the icon with 4 little squares located in the upper right of your screen.
3. In  the Transfer Plus, press Connect PC.
4. Wait for a while and you will then see the logo of your Laptop-Shareit.
5. Press that logo and wait for the connecting process to finish,
6. In your computer, a message saying would you accept "user" connection request. Just click Accept.
7. Just drag and drop the files that you wanted to send to your phone insde the Laptop-shareit dashboard.
8. And to send files from mobile to laptop, just locate the location of your file using your Mobile-Shareit > press NEXT > and the file will automatically send to your pc.
9. Done.

Location of files sent to pc-laptop using Shareit.

1. Go to Start > Documents > find Downloads > Shareit.

To save, battery life of your mobile phone, just tap the X mark locatd in the upper left of your screen. And then press OK for Disconnect from PC? popup message. When the connection is terminated, go to WIFI and disable it also. Lastly, close your Mobile-shareit. Done!