TNT will also give their promo for the online study that is currently the main way of schooling in the Philippines today. If Globe got the Go50, and the Go50 for Students that has 5 GB data which is good for 3 days for only P50, then, TNT also got the STUDY ANYWHERE for P99.

TNT GIGA Study 99, 2GB data, + 7 GB data STUDY ANYWHERE, P99

How to Register TNT GIGA Study 99

1. Dial *123#
2. Type 4 for GIGA and press Send or Enter
3. Type 8 for STUDY and press Send or Enter
4. Type 1 for TNT GIGA STUDY 99, press Send.
5. Type 1 again to Subscribe, press Send.
6. Wait for the confirmation message whether you successfully registered to the GIGA Promo.
7. Done!

TNT GIGA Study 99, what's with this promo?

  • good for 7 days
  • worth 99 pesos load
  • 2 GB default internet or mobile data
  • 1 GB daily data that you can use for STUDY ANYWHERE (Google Classroom, Meet, Google Search, YouTube, MS Teams, Office 365, and MORE)

Let's analyze TNT GIGA Study 99

  • For 7 days you got a total of 2 GB + 7 GB data allocation. That is a total of 9 GB data or almost 1.3 GB data per day.
  • For 7 days of data that is worth P99, you are consuming a total of P14.14 every day for this promo.
The promo could have been very good if TNT reverses it. What if they allocated the 2 GB data for the STUDY ANYWHERE, and the 7 GB data for default internet. In this way, students have more freedom of using their data instead of using it to the default STUDY ANYWHERE websites or apps only.

Between this promo, and the Globe Go50 promos, I will still choose Globe. What can you say?


1. Daily data for STUDY ANYWHERE refreshes every 12:00 midnight.
2. You can PASADATA the 2 GB data that is within this promo if you want. Text PASADATA <11-digit TNT/Smart/Bro Prepaid No.> MB and send to 808. (Ex. PASADATA 09129876543 100MB and send to 808.). Transaction costs P1.00, and the data that is already passed is not allowed to be transferred again to another number.
3. If ever you did not consume the 1 GB data allotted for the day, then, it is not carried over to the next day. So, you need to consume it to maximize your subscription.