Follow the steps below.

1. Open your PC Wifi and mobile hotspot. Just click the Network icon in your taskbar and enable both the Wifi and Mobile hotspot icons there.
2. Open your Mobile-Wifi and connect to your PC mobile hotspot. Input the password if needed.
3. Open PC-Shareit.
4. Open Mobile-Shareit
5. Click 4 boxes on mobile Shareit > Connect to PC
6. Tap the icon that will appear there.
7. Inside your phone, it will say connecting to your PC. Check your PC and click the Accept button.
8. Your phone and PC is now connected and ready to transfer files, like APK, mp3, movie, pictures, etc.

How to transfer file phone ⇄ to PC using Shareit Windows 10

How to transfer files from PC-shareit to Mobile-shareit?

1. Just drag and drop the file inside your PC-shareit. You can also click the Picture folder if you are transferring photos or files if you are transferring other kinds of files.

How to transfer files from Mobile-shareit to PC-shareit?

1. Inside your mobile-shareit, tap the photos, or files. Locate the file that you wanted to transfer, select it and then press the NEXT button > and the file will be transferred automatically.

Where is the shareit-transferred file located on the PC?

1. Click Start.
2. Click File Explorer (the icon above the Settings icon).
3. In Quick Access, click Downloads.
4. Inside Downloads, find the Shareit folder.

Where is the shareit-transferred file located on the mobile?

1. Click File Manager.
2. If it is a photo, you can find it inside the Photo folder. If it is an APK file, tap the Apps folder. For movies and other kinds of videos, go to the Videos folder. If it an HTML, PDF, Notepad, Word, then tap the Documents folder.

When the transferring is done, make sure to turn off your WIFI as well as the Mobile Hotspot. Also, close both your Mobile and PC shareit to save data and power.