Problem 1: I clicked the volume button found on my Taskbar, but the Volume settings won't appear. Right-click or left-click, it's just not functioning. I need to go again and again to the Control Panel before being to access the Volume settings and adjust my computer volume when I am watching a movie or listening to music.

Problem 2: Worser than the first problem, your Volume button is not to be found anymore in your Taskbar or even the system tray.

Problem 3: Your volume button has an x mark on it.

For this post, we are facing problems regarding our volume button in Windows 10 operating system (OS). And we will make a quick fix on it.

First solution:

If your volume button has an X mark on it, then its driver is missing. All you need to do is install its driver. See the steps below.

1. Press Cortana or search.
2. Type dxdiag and press Enter.
3. Inside the System tab, find the System Manufacturer, and the System Model. See the image below.

4. In the image above, the manufacturer is Lenovo, and the model is 80T6. In google search, just type "Lenovo 80T6 sound or audio driver download windows 10" and hit the Enter key.
5. See the results and download the file and install it on your PC.
6. If a restart is needed, then just restart your computer and see if the X mark is gone.

Second Solution:

If your Volume button is gone in your Taskbar or system tray.

1. Right-click your Taskbar.
2. Click Taskbar settings.
3. In Personalization, click Taskbar.
4. Scroll down a bit and find the Notification Area.
5. Click the Turn system icons on and off.
6. Find Volume, from OFF, change it to ON.

Third Solution:

If second solution A did not work because you saw that the Turn system icons on and off is already set to ON, then try the fix below.

1. Right-click Taskbar again.
2. Click Task Manager.
3. In the Windows Processes, find Windows Explorer.
4. Right-click Windows Explorer.
5. Click Restart.

Now recheck whether your Volume icon is working now.

Last solution:

If all the 3 solutions below did not do the job for you, then try the fix below.

1. Go to Start > type cmd and press Enter. Right-click cmd and click Run Command as Administrator.
2. Inside cmd, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.
3. Just wait for some time until scanning finishes.
4. Done!