For this tutorial, we will extract the APK file of any application inside your phone using a File Explorer and save that APK file inside your mobile phone also. See the steps below.

1. Open your Play Store app.

2. Inside the Play Store, tap the Search for apps and games search field.

3. Type nextapp fx file explorer and press the Search button or magnifying glass.
4. Find the FX File Explorer: the file manager with privacy and press it.

5. Now, click the Install button.

6. Click Accept.

7. Wait for the download to finish.

8. When the download is done, click the Open button.

9. Now, click the ACCEPT button.

10. In the Welcome to FX page, just swipe your screen from right to left until you reach the page's end.

11. Press the check button.

12. Inside your FX File Manager, find the Apps* icon and tap on it.

13. Next, tap the User-Installed Apps icon.

14. Inside the User-Installed Apps, find the app that you wanted to extract the APK and press on.

15. Press the ACTIONS tab.

16. Then press the Copy APK.

17. Now, press the Arrow back icon.

18. Then, press the Home icon.

19. Find the Clipboard 1 copied icon and tap on it also.

20. In the menu that will appear, press PASTE.

21. Wait for fir the copying files to finish.

22. Done! You have successfully extracted the APK file of the app that of your choice.

Is this tutorial useful? Yes, of course! You can use this to backup first your app by extracting its APK file before uninstalling it. Doing so, you will not need to download the app again when you want to reinstall it on your phone. It will definitely save you lots of mobile internet data.