Shareit is a potent tool when it comes to transferring files from PC to phone or from phone to PC even without the use of an internet connection, just pure LAN connection. It will also allow you to remotely access all your computer files using your phone. For this post, we will be controlling a PowerPoint Presentation using our mobile phone with the help of Shareit also.

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If you wanna try something new, or just impress your co-workers, co-teachers, or friends, why not try making your phone remote control to your PowerPoint Presentation?

You need to download 2 Shareits for this tutorial.
  • PC-Shareit.exe, after downloading, install it on your computer.
  • Phone-Shareit.apk (download and install the Shareit app using your mobile phone)
Assuming that you installed the two Shareits on your phone and PC, follow the tutorial below.

Easily Control PowerPoint Presentation Using Phone thru Shareit

1. First, you need to open your computer WIFI and mobile hotspot. Then connect your phone to the Mobile hotspot. If you are using Windows 10, you can easily enable it by going to the system tray or taskbar. Near the system time and date, find the Network icon and click it. A menu will appear. Click the WIFI and Mobile hotspot to both enable the two. For Windows 7 users, you can share your WIFI by using MARS WIFI.

2. When your phone is connected to the WIFI, open your PC-Shareit and also your Phone-Shareit.
3. In your Phone-Shareit, click the  4 mini squares located in the upper-right corner of your phone screen.

4. Click Connect PC.

5. If your PC-Bluetooth icon already appeared in your Phone-Shareit, tap that icon to connect to it. If not, try pressing the PC SEARCH MOBILE button and see if your PC-Shareit appears.

6. Assuming that you are already connected to your PC-Shareit, you will see the image below. Press the PPT Control icon to start accessing your PowerPoint presentation.

7. You will then see a black screen on your mobile phone. It has instructions for you to control the PowerPoint slides. Tap/slide up to go to the next slides, and just Slide down to go to the previous slide.

8. Back to your PC. Open your PowerPoint Presentation and try controlling it using your phone now.
9. Done!