No load? Not registered to a promo? Need to call or text someone ASAP? If you are a Globe subscriber, you can easily borrow or loan the so-called Globe ComboSOS. How to avail the promo?

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1. Tap the Phone or Dialer icon on your mobile.

2. Type *143# to access your Globe SIM USSD, and press the Call button.

3. Type 6 for the Loans menu. Press Send or Enter.

4. Type 2 for the COMBOSOS. Press Send or Enter.

5. Type 1 to Subscribe. Press Send or Enter.

6. Done!

Globe ComboSOS Promo Description:

  • 2 minutes call to Globe/TM only
  • 2 texts to Globe/TM only
  • valid for 1 day
  • worth P6 (P5 + P1 service fee)
Important Note: Do not be shocked once you loaded your phone with 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 load and P6 is being deducted to it. The deduction is automatic and fast so if you are going to register to a Globe promo, make sure to add extra load to cover the deducted P6.