Here is the latest way for you to check your current Globe Rewards Points that you can use to redeem many of Globe's exciting data, call, text, and combo promos. You can even use the points like cash in many of Globe partner stores.

1. Tap the Phone or Dialer icon on your mobile.

2. Type *143# to access your Globe SIM USSD, and press the Call button.

3. Type 5 for the Rewards menu. Press Send or Enter.

4. Type 1 for the Check point balance and press Send or Enter.

5. Type 1 for the Total Available Points and press Send or Enter.

6. A message saying: "Thank you, your request is being processed, and an SMS will be sent to you." Just press OK to continue.

7. You will then receive a message saying: "You have a total of x.xx Globe Rewards point/s that will expire on 04/01/2021."

8. Done