I am still using the old Blogger Legacy interface until the first week of October 2020, using this trick. But, by October 8th, the trick is also doomed, and the page automatically redirects me to the new Blogger interface or environment. This is really a new adjustment for me because I am really used to the old one. But, of course, there is nothing that I can do because Blogger is really in control of Blogger.

FIXED: New Blogger upload images in reverse or out of order

I decided to go on posting a new article and uploaded my numbered images which is a total of 66 images. All images are numbered from 1 to 66. I numbered it so that it will be uploaded in order from the number 1 image up to the the last one. And to my surprised, the last image which is image No. 66 is the first on the line and the last one is the image No. 1. The images were uploaded in reverse which is a little frustrating to me. I also tried re-uploading the images but it doesn't work. I also tried selecting the images one-by-one from the first to the last before uploading it, but nothing happened.

Good thing, after a few experimenting, I got the fix to be able to upload the images the way I want it which is from the first one up to the last one. See the steps below.

This tutorial fixes the following:

  • upload images in reverse and out of order

FIXED: New Blogger upload images in reverse or out of order

1. Create a New post.
2. From Compose view, switch to HTML view.
3. Now, inside the HTML view, if you see there the following code <p>&nbsp;</p>, delete it. If not, just proceed to step No. 4.
4. After deleting it, type the code <br /> followed by any letter that you want. See image below for an example.

5. Then, from HTML view, switch back to Compose view. And you should see the image below.

6. After the xxx, press ENTER.
7. Now, go to Insert Image.
8. Click Upload from Computer.
9. Upload your images.
10. After uploading all your images at once, you will see now that it is really in the order that you want. Not out of order, not reverse.
11. Done!

Note: Do not forget to remove the xxx, when done uploading.