Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Latvian actresses. Some of them have Russian, American, Lithuanian, German, Jewish, and Canadian. Other actresses are also talented model, singer, dancer, producer, writer, director, etc. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 20+ Most Beautiful Latvian Actresses

LIST: 20+ Most Beautiful Latvian Actresses

1. Agata Muceniece is a Latvian-born Russian actress and model, and television presenter.
Born: 1 March 1989, Riga, Latvia
Height: 1.72 m
Spouse: Pavel Priluchniy (m. 2011–2020)
Children: Timofey Priluchny, Mia Priluchnaya
Siblings: Santa Mutsenietse
Movies and TV shows: Zakrytaya shkola (2011 – 2012), The Conquest of Siberia (2019), The Voice Kids (Since 2014), Beautiful Life, We Are Family (2012)

2. Agnese Zeltiņa is an actress.
Born: 14 December 1971, Riga, Latvia
Height: 1.77 m
Spouse: Alex Dubas (m. 2001–2006)
Children: Marija Romija Zeltiņa, Robijs Dubass
Parents: Guna Zeltiņa, Antons Zeltiņš
Movies: I Want Your Girl (2009), Bitter Wine (2007), Sometime in August (2009), Small Lights (2010)

3. Aija Tērauda is a Latvian model, actress and film producer.
Born: Riga, Latvia
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Derek Estlin Purvis (m. 2013)
Movies: Beautiful Women Wake Up Early, Airtight, J-1, The Sitter
Education: Columbia University, The City College of New York

4. Alexandra Elaine Fedotowsky-Manno is an American entertainment journalist. She was also a reality television contestant known from her appearances as a cast member on the ABC reality shows The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love and was the sixth Bachelorette. According to Ethnicelebs, she is of German, Latvian, 1/8th Ashkenazi Jewish, and other descent.
Born: 16 September 1984, Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Kevin Manno (m. 2017)
Children: Riley Doran Manno, Molly Sullivan Manno
Parents: Alex Fedotowsky, Beth Johnson
TV shows: The Bachelorette (Since 2003), The Bachelor (Since 2002), 1st Look (Since 2008), E! News (1991 – 2020), The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love

5. Alison Brie Schermerhorn is an American actress, writer, and producer. She received recognition for her starring roles as Trudy Campbell in the drama series Mad Men, etc. According to Ethnicelebs, Alison’s maternal grandfather likely was Eugene Robert Brenner (the son of Jacob “Jack” Brenner and Lillian Richmond). Eugene was born in New Jersey. Jacob was a Latvian Jewish immigrant. Lillian’s parents were also Latvian Jews.
Born: 29 December 1982, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.6 m
Spouse: Dave Franco (m. 2017)
Education: California Institute of the Arts (2005), South Pasadena High School, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Movies and TV shows: GLOW (Since 2017), Community (2009 – 2015), BoJack Horseman (2014 – 2020), Horse Girl (2020), Mad Men (2007 – 2015)

6. Aurēlija Anužīte-Lauciņa is an actress.
Born: 10 August 1973, Panevėžys, Lithuania
Spouse: Andris Lauciņš (m. 2005)
Children: Mikus Kalniņš
Parents: Audronė Anužytė, Silvijus Zuperskas
Education: Latvijas Kulturas akademija (1993–1997), Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (1990–1991)
Movies: The Spider (1991), Homo Novus (2018), Archangel (2005), Bitter Wine (2007), Nediena (1997)

7. Baiba Broka is a Latvian stage, television and film actress.
Born: 7 January 1973, Riga, Latvia
Partner: Gatis Builis
Siblings: Ieva Broka, Normunds Broks
Parents: Antons Broks, Māra Broka
Awards: Latvian Theater Award for Actress of the Year, Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps for Best Actress
Movies: Return of Sergeant Lapins (2010), Reply with Photo (1999), Waterbomb for the Fat Tomcat (2004), The Chronicles of Melanie (2016), Homo Novus (2018)

8. Dagmāra Legante-Celmiņa is a Latvian TV personality, model, actress. Legante has participated in several LNT humor and various other shows. In 2004, she became the winner of the TV show "Baltic Jungle Star" for the first season.
Born: 9 December 1977, Riga, Latvia
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Normunds Celmiņš (m. 2010)
Movies and TV shows: Supernova (Since 2015), Rudolf’s Gold (2010)

9. Dita Lurina is an actress and singer.
Born: 16 April 1978 , Liepāja, Latvia
Spouse: Mārtiņš Egliens (m. 2002)
Parents: Valdis Lūriņš, Marita Lūriņa-Stelmakere
Nominations: Latvian Theater Award for Actress of the Year, Latvian Theater Award for Audience Award for Best Actress
Movies: New Year's Eve Taxi (2018), The Unusual Rigans (2001)

10. Elīna Garanča is a Latvian mezzo-soprano. She began to study singing in her hometown of Riga in 1996 and continued her studies in Vienna and in the United States. By 1999 she had won first place in a significant competition in Finland and had begun a career in Europe.
Born: 16 September 1976, Riga, Latvia
Spouse: Karel Mark Chichon (m. 2006)
Children: Catherine Louise Chichon, Cristina Sophie Chichon
Albums: Sol y Vida, Bel Canto, Romantique, Revive, Habanera
Movies: Der letzte Salon – Sissy Strauss in New York und Wien

11. Elita Kļaviņa is a Latvian actress and a former journalist. In the theater she has worked for Jaunais Rīgas Teātris. She has also taken part in several films.
Born: 3 November 1966, Jēkabpils, Latvia
Spouse: Filips Kļaviņš
Parents: Vallija Dobulāne
Education: Latvijas Kulturas akademija
Awards: Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps for Best Actress
Movies: Zoryana Horobraya (2019), Defenders of Riga (2007), Riga (Take One) (2017), The Dark Deer (2006), Leaving by the Way (2001)

12. Halston Sage is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Grace on the Nickelodeon television series How to Rock, Amber on the NBC television series Crisis, Lacey in the film Paper Towns, and Lt. Alara Kitan on the Fox television series The Orville. According to Ethnicelebs, Halston was raised Jewish. At least three of Halston’s grandparents were/are Jewish (their families were from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Switzerland, Romania, and Russia).
Born: 10 May 1993, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.66 m
Education: Archer School For Girls
Siblings: Kate Sage, Max Sage
Parents: Lenny Schrage, Tema Schrage
Movies and TV shows: Before I Fall (2017), The Orville (Since 2017), Paper Towns (2015), Prodigal Son (Since 2019), You Get Me (2017)

13. Ieva Plavniece is an actress and singer.
Born: 29 September 1979, Latvia
Spouse: Anemika Goldberga (m. 2013)
Parents: Sandra Šmite
Movies and TV shows: Liktena Lidumnieki, Finding Elvis
Albums: Populārākās latviešu teātra dziesmas

14. Ilze Bajare is an actress.
Born: 17 September 1988, Riga, Latvia
Movies: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

15. Inga Alsiņa is a Latvian actress. She was born and raised in Cēsis and studied in the Cēsis Secondary school No.1 from 1985 until 1996. She also attended Valmiera Art college from 1993 until 1995.
Born: 18 September 1979, Cēsis, Latvia
Spouse: Kalvis Lasmanis (m. 2013)
Nominations: Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps for Best Actress
Education: Latvijas Kulturas akademija, University of Latvia
Movies: Dream Team 1935 (2012), The Lesson (2014), You're Sexy When You're Sad (2003), Leaving by the Way (2001), Handful of Bullets (2002)

16. Iveta Pole is a Latvian theatre and film actress, born in Liepāja. She is affiliated with Jaunais Rīgas teātris led by Alvis Hermanis and has played parts in theatre shows Latvian Stories, Ice, Sound of Silence and Look Back In Anger.
Born: 11 January 1981, Liepāja, Latvia
Parents: Janis Polis, Ausma Pole
Awards: Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps for Best Actress
Movies: Kolka Cool (2011), Monotony (2007), Riga (Take One) (2017), Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (2019), Zudušo draugu meklējot (2015)

17. Jana Duļevska is a Latvian actress and television presenter. She was the co-presenter of the Latvian version of the TV series Dancing with the Stars in 2010.
Born: 12 June 1980, Riga, Latvia
Spouse: Rodrigo Laviņš (m. 2002)
Parents: Ilva Duļevska
Children: Niklāvs Laviņš, Martins Rodrigo Laviņš
Siblings: Ieva Duļevska

18. Jana Sekste is an actress.
Born: 6 April 1980, Riga, Latvia
Height: 1.58 m
Spouse: Dmitry Marin (m. 2013), Maksim Matveyev (m. 2008–2009)
Siblings: Yekaterina Sekste, Inna Sekste
Nominations: Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies: Core of the World (2018), The Hunt (2009), Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari (2012), Nebesnyy sud (2011), Living (2012)

19. Kristine Belicka is an actress.
Born: 4 May 1985, Talsi, Latvia
Movies: Mona, The Gardener

20. Kristīne Nevarauska-Atkočūne is a Latvian actress. In the theater, since 2005, she has worked for Dailes teātris, but between 2001 and 2005 she worked for Valmieras Drāmas teātris. She has also taken part in several films. In 2003 Kristīne received Lielais Kristaps for her role in Sauja ložu.
Born: 3 March 1981, Bauska, Latvia
Siblings: Lonija Nevarauska
Awards: Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps for Best Actress
Albums: Populārākās latviešu teātra dziesmas
TV shows: Saplēstā krūze
Movies: Nothing Can Stop Us Now (2019), Swingers (2016), Handful of Bullets (2002), Three to Dance (2011), You're Sexy When You're Sad (2003)

21. Ksenia Solo is a Latvian-Canadian actress known for portraying Mackenzie "Kenzi" Malikov on Lost Girl. She portrayed Peggy Shippen on Turn: Washington's Spies. Solo also portrayed the character "Natasha" in the 2010 American television series Life Unexpected and Shay Davydov in Season 3 of Orphan Black.
Born: 8 October 1987, Riga, Latvia
Height: 1.63 m
Awards: Gemini Award for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series
Nominations: Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series
Movies and TV shows: Lost Girl (2010 – 2015), Project Blue Book (2019 – 2020), Turn: Washington's Spies (2014 – 2017), Pet (2016), Orphan Black (2013 – 2017)

22. Elizabeth Anne Caplan is an American actress and model. Her first acting role was on the cult television series Freaks and Geeks. She received wider recognition with roles in the films Mean Girls and Cloverfield, the latter of which earned her a nomination for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. According to Ethnicelebs, She was born to a Jewish family (from Latvia, Austria, Lithuania, and Russia).
Born: 30 June 1982, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.63 m
Spouse: Tom Riley (m. 2017)
Partner: Matthew Perry (2006–2012)
Siblings: Julie Caplan, Ben Caplan
Movies and TV shows: Masters of Sex (2013 – 2016), Mean Girls (2004), Now You See Me 2 (2016), The Interview (2014), Cloverfield (2008)

23. Natalia Ryumina is a Latvian-born British actress.
Born: 4 October 1984, Riga, Latvia
Education: Mountview
Movies: Anton (2019), Soldiers of the Damned (2015), Skin Traffik (2015), Their Finest (2016), A Dark Reflection (2014)

24. Rain Elwood is an actress.
Born: Riga, Latvia
Movies: Modified

25. Rashida Leah Jones is an American actress, director, writer, and producer. Jones appeared as Louisa Fenn on the Fox drama series Boston Public, as Karen Filippelli on the NBC comedy series The Office, and as Ann Perkins on the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. Her mother was Ashkenazi Jewish (a descendant of Jewish emigrants from Russia and Latvia).
Born: 25 February 1976, Los Angeles, California, United States
Partner: Ezra Koenig (2017–)
Parents: Quincy Jones, Peggy Lipton
Children: Isaiah Jones Koenig
Siblings: Kidada Jones, Kenya Kinski-Jones, Quincy Jones III, Jolie Jones Levine, Martina Jones, Rachel Jones
Movies and TV shows: Parks and Recreation (2009 – 2015), Angie Tribeca (2016 – 2018), The Office (2005 – 2013), BlackAF (Since 2020), I Love You, Man (2009)

26. Rēzija Kalniņa is a Latvian actress. In the theater, since 1994, she has worked for Dailes teātris. She has also taken part in several films. Her parents are the Latvian composer Imants Kalniņš and the actor and director Helga Dancberga. In 2001, she received the Lielais Kristaps award for her role in Labās rokas.
Born: 23 December 1970, Riga, Latvia
Spouse: Ainārs Rubiķis (m. 2013)
Siblings: Krists Kalniņš, Marts Kristiāns Kalniņš
Parents: Imants Kalniņš, Helga Dancberga
Albums: Aktieru nakts kopā ar maestro Raimondu Paulu
Movies: Swindlers (2018), Modris (2014), Rudolf’s Gold (2010), Good Hands (2001), Mellow Mud (2016)

27. Zane Jančevska is an actress.
Born: 29 June 1964, Ventspils, Latvia
Spouse: Bruno Egle (m. ?–1992)
Partner: Ilmārs Naglis
Education: Latvian Academy of Music
Children: Jēkabs Jančevskis, Marta Lovisa Jančevska
Movies: Aija (1988), Mellow Mud (2016), Fear (1986)