How to host external CSS and JavaScript using Free

I know you already knew Codepen, Github, JSDeliver, and even Google Drive. These mentioned names are all capable of hosting your external CSS and JS file online for free. But today, I will share you another one wherein you can easily host your CSS and JavaScript file online for free. And for this post, I will be using

How to host external CSS and JavaScript using Free is a free hosting site like Wix, but it has a File Manager option wherein you can upload your files and host it directly from The only thing is, since it is only a free account, there is a limited disk space or storage allowed for you. But good thing, CSS and JS files are only small-byte size files. Now, let's start this tutorial.

How to host external CSS and JavaScript using Free

1. Register first and have a free account at Signup using this link.

2. Inside Signup page, just type all the needed info and click the "Create My Website" button at the button of the page.

3. In text next page, just select the Webs Subdomain. In the "Choose a domain name for your website below." type any name you want. Click Select Package.

4. Now, select $0.

5. In the Website Builder, click Done. It is located near the upper right corner of the page.

6. Then, open a New Tab, and type again and press Enter.

7. Find Dashboard, and click it.

8. Then find Settings. It is located at the left-size middle part of your screen. Click it also.

9. Now click File Manager.

10. Click Upload Files button.

11. Browse for your CSS or JavaScript file, select it and click Open to start uploading.

12. One your file is inside your File Manager, if it is a CSS file, its direct link will be the format below: See a live example that I created. 13. Done!

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