Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Kuwaiti actress. Some of them are only born in Kuwait but not actually Kuwaiti. Some are having different root like Iranian, Jordanian, Palestinian, and Iraqi. Some are also talented singer, presenter, host, musician, dancer, director, model, producer, and broadcaster. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 10 Most Beautiful Kuwaiti Actresses

LIST: 10 Most Beautiful Kuwaiti Actresses

1. Amal AlAwadhi is a Kuwaiti presenter and actress.
Born: March 30, 1989
Filmography: Ham Nawaya (2018), Zekrayat La Tamoot (2017), Nehayet Helm (2017), Thuraya (2014)

2. Diana Karazon is a Jordanian singer of Arabic pop, television host, and actress. She won Superstar, the Arabic version of Pop Idol. Karazon was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait, but her origin comes from Birzeit, Palestine. She has Kurdish roots and is very famous in Jordan.
Born: 30 October 1983, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Nationality: Jordanian
Children: Sameeh Karazon
Siblings: Zain Karazon, Haya Karazon, Daoud Karazon
TV shows: SuperStar, Montaha Aleshq, Nona Authorized
Albums: Rasak Bel Aaly, Super Star El Arab, El Omr Mashi, Diana Karazon, Diana 2010, El Omr Machi

3. Ema Shah is a Kuwaiti singer, composer, pianist, guitarist, actress, writer, dancer, and director. Her father is Kuwaiti and her mother is Iranian.
Born: 7 June 1981, Kuwait
Albums: In Love, Emagination, Sync Infiniti
Genres: World, Arabic music, Music of Asia
Record labels: 599372 Records DK, Ema Shah

4. Farah Bsissou is a Jordanian-Kuwaiti-Palestinian actress.

5. Haya Al Shuaibi is a Kuwaiti comedian actress. She began her career with the actress Taiba Al-Faraj in "Al Hermna" play in 1993, and continued after that in comedy roles on stage and on TV. Three of her cousins are actresses including Mai Al Balushi.
Born: 1 January 1979, Kuwait
Spouse: Hani Al Tabbakh (m. 2010)
Parents: Jamal Al Shuaibi
Children: Fatma Al Tabbakh
Siblings: Thamer Al Shuaibi, Sarah Al Shuaibi, Lamis Al Shuaibi
TV shows: Awad of father for grandfather (Since 2018), Exaggerated

6. Huda Hussein, also known as Al-Malika, is a Kuwaiti-born actress and producer.
Born: 20 August 1965 (age 55 years), Kuwait
Nationality: Iraqi
Spouse(s): Abdulaziz Al-Qattan ​ ​(m. 2000; div. 2001)​
Parents: Hussein Ali Al Radi
Siblings: Sahar Hussein Ali Radi, Suad Hussein, Najat Hussein, Abdel-Kerem Hussein, Ebtisam Hussein
TV shows: Itr Al Rooh

7. Mai Al Balushi is a Kuwaiti actress. She started her career in 2003 when she participated in the work of art on stage or on TV. Her 5 sisters, two of whom are actresses Maram and Hind Al Balushi, and the cousin of actress Haya Al Shuaibi. She currently works as a nurse.
Born: 14 September 1970, Kuwait
Parents: Jasem Al Balushi
Children: Sauda, Shaymaa El Kuwaitia
Siblings: Maram Al Balushi, Hind Al Balushi
Niece: Abeer Mishari Al-Awadi
Nephew: Jassim Mishari Al-Awadi

8. Shejoun Al-Hajri is a Kuwaiti actress and broadcaster.
Born: 8 February 1988, Kuwait
Full name: Shejoun matar ayth Al-Shuwayni
Nationality: Kuwaiti
Spouse: Ahmad Albreaki (m. 2014–2014), Ahmad Albreaki (m. ?–2013)
TV shows: Al-Muwajaha

9. Suad Abdullah Salem Al-Abd is a Kuwaiti actress. She began her career in 1963 as a child on stage. She was born in Basra, and is of Iraqi origin.
Born: 2 September 1950, Kuwait
Spouse: Faisal Dahi (m. 1968)
Children: Talal Dahi, Aallih Dahi, Fawwaz Dahi
Movies: Wasmia Takhrug min Albahr, Alinhidar, Alihtiqar
TV shows: Ala El-Donia El-Salam (Since 1987), I Have a Script, Street Lesson (Since 2018), Sulaiman Al Tayeb (Since 1993), Fursa Thanya (Since 2011)

10. Zahra Al Kharji is a Kuwaiti actress. Al Kharji began her career at the Children's Theatre in 1983, in the role of "Hisbonh". She has been married twice, and is currently wed to theater director Ahmed Lhalal.
Born: 15 January 1962, Kuwait City, Kuwait
Spouse: Ahmad Al-Halil (m. 2005–2009)
TV shows: Maa' Hest Qalam, Amod El-Beet