Here is the list of the most beautiful actresses coming from Sweden. They are also talented model, singer, dancer, former beauty queen, successful businesswoman, director, playwright, writer, musician, author and more. Some of them are having different blood root like Danish, American, Canadian, Turkish, Norwegian, Icelandic, German, English, Scottish, Gambian, Spanish, Dutch, Salvadoran, Iranian, Polish, Albanian, and Irish. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 100+ Most Beautiful Swedish Actresses

1. Alba Adèle August is a Danish-Swedish actress and singer-songwriter.
Born: 6 June 1993, Copenhagen, Denmark
Height: 1.65 m
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Siblings: Asta August, Agnes √Ėstergren, Anders Frithiof August
Parents: Pernilla August, Bille August
Movies and TV shows: Becoming Astrid (2018), The Rain (2018 – 2020), Quick (2019), Reliance (2013)

2. Lena Marina Alexandra Dahlström is a Swedish actress and film director.
Born: 12 February 1984, Gävle, Sweden
Height: 1.55 m
Spouse: Roger Rodriguez (m. 2005–2006)
Children: Florens Dahlström Wiklander
Parents: Irina Dahlström, Hasse Dahlström
Movies: Show Me Love (1998), Miss Sweden (2004), Sanning eller konsekvens (1997), Blondie (2012)

3. Alexandra Susanna Rapaport is a Swedish film and stage actress born in Bromma. She studied at the Teaterh√∂gskolan i Stockholm, from which she graduated in 1997. Her parents are both from Poland, her father being a Polish Jew who fled to Sweden during World War II. 
Born: 26 December 1971, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.62 m
Spouse: Joakim Eliasson
Children: Elmer Eliasson, Blanca Eliasson
Siblings: Tom Rapaport
Movies and TV shows: Morden i Sandhamn (Since 2010), Gåsmamman (Since 2015), Heder (Since 2019), The Hunt (2012)

4. AnnaSophia Robb is an American actress, singer, and model. She began as a child actress on television, making her leading debut as the titular role in Samantha: An American Girl Holiday. Robb is of Danish, English, Irish, Scottish, and Swedish descent.
Born: 8 December 1993, Denver, Colorado, United States
Height: 1.52 m
Parents: David Robb, Janet Robb
Awards: Young Hollywood Award for Female Superstar of Tomorrow
Education: New York University (2014–2018)
Movies and TV shows: Bridge to Terabithia (2007), Soul Surfer (2011), The Carrie Diaries (2013 – 2014), Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

5. Alicia Agneson is a widely renowned Swedish actress who is perhaps best known for starring as Katia in the popular television series, 'Vikings'.
Born: 26 February 1996, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Height: 1.59 m
Movies and TV shows: The Courier (2019), Little Kingdom (2019), The Obscure Life of the Grand Duke of Corsica, Success

6. Alicia Amanda Vikander is a Swedish actress. She is the recipient of such accolades as an Academy Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, and has further been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and three British Academy Film Awards.
Born: 3 October 1988, Gothenburg, Sweden
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Michael Fassbender (m. 2017)
Awards: Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
TV shows: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Andra Avenyn, Levande föda, En decemberdröm, Småstjärnorna
Movies: Tomb Raider (2018), The Danish Girl (2015), Ex Machina (2014), Jason Bourne (2016)

7. Alida Indra Jasmin Morberg is a Swedish actress. The daughter of actor Per Morberg, she grew up in Lilla Edet. She is in a relationship with actor Bill Skarsgård, with whom she has a daughter, born on October 1, 2018.
Born: 30 January 1985, Lilla Edet, Sweden
Partner: Bill Skarsgård
Parents: Per Morberg, Inese Bergs Morberg
Aunt: Maria Morberg
Movies and TV shows: Sensoria (2015), Insane (2010), Black Lake (Since 2016), Stockholm Stories (2013)

8. Aliette Opheim is a Swedish actress. In 2015, Stockholm’s Rising Star Award went to Opheim, for her performance in Lisa Aschan's White People. 
Born: 21 July 1985, Täby, Sweden
Parents: Per Bergman
Education: Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg
Nominations: Kristallen Award for Female Actor of the Year
Movies and TV shows: Caliphate (2020), Thicker Than Water (2014 – 2016), Patriot (2015 – 2018), Hassel (Since 2017)

9. Amine G√ľlŇüe √Ėzil is a Turkish and Swedish actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder born and raised in Sweden. She was crowned Miss Turkey 2014 and represented her country at the Miss World 2014 pageant.
Born: 30 April 1993, Gothenburg, Sweden
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Mesut √Ėzil (m. 2019)
Parents: G√ľlter G√ľlŇüe
Movies and TV shows: ńįkisini de Sevdim, Bir T√ľrk MasalńĪ, Asla Vazge√ßmem
Children: Eda √Ėzil

10. Anna Maria Cecilia Bonnevie is a Swedish-Norwegian actress. She was born in Västerås, Sweden, but grew up in Oslo, Norway. Her parents are Norwegian actress Jannik Bonnevie and Swedish actor Per Waldvik.
Born: 26 September 1973, Västerås, Sweden
Height: 1.73 m
Partner: Fredrik Skavlan (2006–)
Children: Sonja Bonnevie
Parents: Jannik Bonnevie, Per Waldvik
Movies: I Am Dina (2002), Becoming Astrid (2018), The Banishment (2007), The Shamer's Daughter (2015)

11. Karin Anja Elisabet Lundqvist is a Swedish actress.
Born: 7 June 1971, Uppsala, Sweden
Education: Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting
Movies and TV shows: Heder (Since 2019), The Anderssons in Greece (2012), The Anderssons Hit the Road (2013), The Anderssons Rock the Mountains (2014)

12. Anna Åström is a Swedish actress born in Gråbo outside of Lerum.
Born: 5 November 1990, Gråbo, Sweden
Movies and TV shows: Us (2013), How You Look at Me, Studentfesten (2013), Dieselråttor & sjömansmöss (2002)

13. Anna Kristina Cecilia Blomberg is a Swedish actress and comedian. She has appeared in many TV series, among them Häxan Surtant, Kvarteret Skatan, and Superhjältejul. In addition, she performs on the stage and radio. In 2009 she participated in SVT's julkalender.
Born: 20 May 1972x, Gothenburg, Sweden
Parents: Jonas Blomberg, Barbro Blomberg
Siblings: Viktoria Blomberg
Movies: While We Live, Desmond's Trashed Apple Tree
Great-grandparent: Ernst Blomberg
TV shows: Kvarteret Skatan (Since 2003), Anna Blomberg Show, Starke man (2010 – 2011), SNN News (Since 2013)

14. Anna-Maria Hallgarn is a Swedish musician, singer and actress. She received acting training at Balettakademien’s programme for musical artists in Gothenburg. Her performances include Kharmen at Gothenburg City Theatre. At Malm√∂ Opera she has participated in Zorba.
Born: 10 February 1971, Orrviken, Sweden
Genre: Pop
Record label: Anna-Maria Hallgarn
Movies: The Reunion

15. Bidisha Larsson is an actress and model.
Filmography: Deathboy, Sthlm Rekviem (2018) and Gl√∂m natten som kommer

16. Anna Camilla Elisabeth Lundén is a Swedish actress. She has appeared in more than 20 films and television shows since 1987.
Born: 5 May 1967, Täby, Sweden
Children: Léopold Sommerlath
TV shows: Silvermannen, Labyrinten
Movies: Run for Your Life (1997), Spring of Joy (1993), Autumn in Paradise (1995), The Hands (1994)

17. Anne Frida Carolin Stoltz is a Swedish actress, who is best known for her role as Ukrainian immigrant Olena Petrovich in the British TV soap Emmerdale.
Born: 2 May 1981, Borås, Sweden
Education: Drama Centre London
TV shows: The Café, Shetland, The Kennedys
Movies: The Inbetweeners Movie (2011), The Wife (2017), Videomannen (2018), Clash of the Santas

18. Caroline Maria Winberg is a Swedish model and actress.
Born: 27 March 1985, Sollentuna Municipality, Sweden
Height: 1.8 m
Agency: Munich Models
Parents: Camila Winberg, Thomas Winberg
Movies and TV shows: The Face UK (2013), Top Model Sverige (2007 – 2014), Limitless (2011), Billionaire Ransom (2016)

19. Helga Cecilia Forss, also known as Cissi Forss, is a Swedish actress and comedian. Her breakthrough role was Jennifer in the 2010 film Simple Simon and Cindy in the ICA commercials. When she was seven, Forss participated in a segment of Trafikmagasinet on SVT. Her film debut was in Maria Blom's 2004 film Masjävlar.
Born: 12 June 1985, Falun, Sweden
Height: 1.73 m
Partner: Fredrik von der Esch
Parents: Tommy Forss
Movies and TV shows: Simple Simon (2010), Raj raj, Black Widows (Since 2016), Storm på Lugna gatan (2018)

20. Charlotta Jonsson is a Swedish actress. She is from Umea in northern Sweden but now lives in Stockholm. Between 2000 and 2004, Jonsson studied at the Gothenburg Theatre Academy. 
Born: 11 May 1973, Umeå, Sweden
Education: Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg
Movies: The Betrayal, The Loss, Wallander – Missing
TV shows: Sjätte dagen (Since 1999), Wallander (2005 Р2013), 100 Code (2015), kirjavaras (2011)

21. Britt Christina Marinette Lindberg is a Swedish journalist known internationally for her work as an actress and glamour model in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Born: 6 December 1950, Gothenburg, Sweden
Movies: Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1973), Maid in Sweden (1971), Anita: Swedish Nymphet (1973), Exponerad (1971)

22. Claudia Josefina Galli Concha is a Swedish actress.
Born: 3 August 1978, Stockholm, Sweden
Parents: Anita Elisabet Bornebusch Galli
Spouse: Manuel Concha (m. 2012), Johan Svangren (m. 2002–2004)
Siblings: Cecilia Bornebusch
Niece: Josephine Bornebusch
Movies and TV shows: Tyskungen (2013), Fjallbacka Murders: The Coast Rider (2013), Camilla Läckberg - Fjällback Murders (2012 Р2013), Fjallbacka Murders: The Sea Gives, The Sea Takes (2013)

23. Dilan Gwyn is a Swedish-born actress.
Born: 4 June 1994, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.6 m
Nationality: Swedish
Parents: Orhan Kotan
Movies and TV shows: Sisters in Arms (2019), Beyond (2017 – 2018), Love Me (Since 2019), The Convent (2018)

24. Ebba Johanna Birgitta Hultkvist is a Swedish actress. She played Wilma, the teenage daughter, in the TV series Skärgårdsdoktorn. Since then, she has starred in a few movies and the second season of the celebrity dance show Let's Dance. Ebba was voted off Let's Dance on 9 March 2007.
Born: 26 September 1983, Sollentuna Municipality, Sweden
Spouse: Philip Stragne (m. 2012)
Children: Greta Stragne
Siblings: Maria Hultkvist, Jakob Hultkvist
Parents: Anders Hultkvist, Birgitta Hultkvist
Movies and TV shows: Skärgårdsdoktorn (1997 Р2000), Festival (2001), Details (2003), Den inre cirkeln

25. Edda Karin Hjartardóttir Magnason is a Swedish singer-songwriter, musician and film actress of Icelandic descent. She has released three albums, Edda Magnason, Goods, and Woman Travels Alone. She has also released a soundtrack album, Monica Z - Musiken från filmen.
Born: 22 August 1984, Sjöbo, Sweden
Albums: Monica Z РMusiken från filmen, Goods, Woman Travels Alone, Edda Magnason, Tune Of A Crooner EP1, Jona
Awards: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Nominations: Grammis Award for Jazz of the Year
Record labels: Warner Music Sweden, Parlophone
Movies: Waltz for Monica (2013), Hot Dog (2002), Valcer za Moniku

26. Elin Karin Klinga is a Swedish actress who took part in several of Ingmar Bergman's late stage productions. As a student Klinga attended the Adolf Fredrik's Music School in Stockholm. One of Bergman's favourite actresses, she starred in productions including The Image Makers, The Ghost Sonata and Ghosts.
Born: 13 August 1969, Stockholm, Sweden
Spouse: Fredrik Hillelson (m. 2013)
Parents: Hans Klinga, Malin Ek
Siblings: Moa Ek, Edvin Ek
Great-grandparents: Karin Ek, Sverker Ek, Elna Westerström, Carl Cullberg
Movies: The Image Makers, Nu, Spöksonaten, Glasblåsarns barn

27. Ella Maria Eia Rappich is a Swedish actress. Rappich grew up in Sigtuna, a suburb to Stockholm of Sweden and got her first role of a coincidence when the production company FLX visited her school. 
Born: 23 May 2000, Sigtuna, Sweden
Education: Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket
TV shows: Hammarvik (Since 2020), Quicksand (Since 2019)

28. Ella Wahlestedt is an actress. Her mother is American and her father is Swedish.
Height: 1.65 m
Born: August 1, 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden
Siblings: Thor Wahlestedt
Parents: Claes Wahlestedt, Lisa Wahlestedt
TV shows: Army Wives
Movies: Earth To Echo (2014), Dangerous Lessons (2015), Goosebumps (2015), Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

29. Emily Baldoni is a Swedish actress currently living in Los Angeles. Before her marriage, she was credited under the name Emily Foxler, a variant spelling of her birth name, Emily Fuxler. She is best known for her leading role in the 2013 film Coherence.
Born: 3 August 1984, Uppsala, Sweden
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Justin Baldoni (m. 2013)
Children: Maxwell Roland-Samuel Baldoni, Maiya Grace Baldoni
TV shows: Reckless
Movies: Coherence (2013), Five Feet Apart (2019), Snapshots (2018), Grizzly Park (2008)

30. Emily Jean "Emma" Stone is an American actress. The recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Award, she was the world's highest-paid actress in 2017. Her paternal grandfather, Conrad Ostberg Sten, was from a Swedish family that anglicized their surname to "Stone" when they immigrated to the United States through Ellis Island. She also has German, English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry.
Born: 6 November 1988, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Dave McCary (m. 2020)
TV shows: Maniac, Malcolm in the Middle
Movies: La La Land (2016), The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), Easy A (2010), Zombieland (2009)

31. Ester Udd√©n  is a Swedish actress based in Stockholm and Los Angeles.
Movies and TV shows: The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov, Tribes by Nina Raine and The Children's hour by Lillian Hellman, Black Lake, Partaj and Finaste Familjen (My perfect family)
Height: 174 cm
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Blonde

32. Eva Röse is a Swedish actress and television host. She is best known internationally for her role as the sinister android Niska in Season 1 of the Swedish science fiction TV series Real Humans. She was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2007.
Born: 16 October 1973, Vårberg, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Jacob Felländer (m. 2014)
Children: Florian Felländer, Flynn Felländer, Floyd Felländer
Siblings: Yvonne Röse, Karin Röse, Liv Röse
Movies and TV shows: Maria Wern, Heder (Since 2019), Kopps (2003), Dreams from Snow (2011)

33. Felice Jankell is a Swedish actress. She is known for playing the lead role of "Sophie" in the movie Unga Sophie Bell.
Born: 24 February 1992, Sweden
Height: 1.64 m
Parents: Annika Jankell, Thorsten Flinck
Siblings: Happy Jankell
Grandparent: Karin Flinck
Movies and TV shows: Unga Sophie Bell (2014), Black Circle (2018), Alena (2015), 100 Code (2015)

34. Fortesa Hoti is an Albanian-Swedish actress. She is best known for her role as Roxana Nilsson in the Swedish Television SVT’s drama series Andra Avenyn. She was one of the winners of SVT’s broadcast competition for the teenagers' roles.
Born: 6 December 1988, Skenderaj
Movies and TV shows: Andra Avenyn (2007 – 2010), Orion (2013), Ciao Bella (2007), Absence

35. Frida Gustavsson is a Swedish model and actress.
Born: 6 June 1993, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.85 m
Spouse: Hjalmar Rechlin (m. 2015–2017)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue-Grey
Movies and TV shows: Swoon, Dampyr - Il film, Nina L'eau

36. Frida Sophia Hallgren is a Swedish actress, internationally known from As It Is in Heaven. After finishing her degree, Frida attended the theater university in Malm√∂. This training was connected to a practical course at the city theater of Gothenburg. 
Born: 16 December 1974, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.67 m
Partner: Hampus Josefsson
Parents: Bjorn Hallgren
Children: Harriet Josefsson, Ester Josefsson
Movies and TV shows: As It Is in Heaven (2004), Heaven on Earth (2015), The Inspector and the Sea (Since 2007), Monky (2017)

37. Haddy Jallow is a Gambian-Swedish actress who, on 23 January 2007, won Sweden's top film award, the Guldbagge Award as "Best Actress in a Leading Role" for her performance as a teenage rape victim in Säg att du älskar mig, released in Sweden on 25 August 2006.
Born: 14 October 1985, The Gambia
Movies and TV shows: Say That You Love Me (2006), Christmas Blood (2017), En klass för sig

38. Hanna Carolina Alström is a Swedish actress best known for starring in Kingsman: The Secret Service and its sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle as Crown Princess Tilde of Sweden.
Born: 5 March 1981, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.71 m
Spouse: Gustaf Skarsg√•rd (m. 1999–2005)
Partner: Gustaf Skarsg√•rd (1999–2005)
Siblings: Sara Alström
Movies: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), The Glass Room (2019), Sami Blood (2016), Ted – Show Me Love (2018)

39. Hanna Margareta Ardéhn is a Swedish actress. She is best known for her role as Maja Norberg in the first Swedish Netflix original series Quicksand, which premiered on 5 April 2019.
Born: 4 October 1995, √Ökersberga, Sweden
Height: 1.7 m
Awards: Kristallen Award for Female Actor of the Year
Movies and TV shows: Quicksand (Since 2019), 30 Degrees in February (Since 2012), 7X: This is Our Kids (2010), Dubbelliv

40. Hanna Kristina Schmitz is a Swedish actress. She has worked at theaters such as Malmö Stadsteater in Malmö, Spegelteatern, Strindbergs Intima theater and the experimental dance-theater Weld.
Born: 7 August 1976

41. Happy Betty Nic√≥le Hildegard Jankell is a Swedish actress. 
Born: 16 December 1993
Height: 1.6 m
Parents: Annika Jankell, Thorsten Flinck
Siblings: Felice Jankell
Grandparent: Karin Flinck
Movies and TV shows: Ted – Show Me Love (2018), Familjen Rysberg (Since 2015), IRL (2013), A Thousand Times Stronger (2010)

42. Hedda Matilda Stiernstedt, is a Swedish actress. In 2015, she played the leading role in the film Unga Sophie Bell. Since 2017, she has been cast in the role of Nina Löwander in the drama series Vår tid är nu, broadcast on SVT.
Born: 3 December 1987, Stockholm, Sweden
Partner: Alexis Weak
Parents: Jöran Modéer, Metta Stiernstedt
Education: Calle Flygare Teaterskola, Stockholms Dramatiska H√∂gskola, √Ėstra Reals gymnasium
Awards: Kristallen Award for Female Actor of the Year
Movies and TV shows: Our Time is Now (Since 2017), My Father Marianne (2020), Se upp för Jönssonligan (2020), Unga Sophie Bell (2014)

43. Helena Beata Maria af Sandeberg is a Swedish actress. 
Born: 1 September 1971, Solna, Sweden
Height: 1.7 m
Partner: Eagle-Eye Cherry (1990–1998)
Spouse: Fredrik Lycke (m. 2013), Alexander M√łrk-Eidem (m. 2005–2010)
Education: Södra Latin, Actors Studio
Movies and TV shows: Kim Novak Never Swam In Genesaret's Lake (2005), Dark Water (2012), Blondie (2012), En pilgrims död (2013)

44. Helena Mattsson is a Swedish actress living and working in Hollywood.
Born: 30 March 1984, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.7 m
Education: Södra Latin
Siblings: Sofia Mattsson, Mia Mattsson, Cecilia Mattsson
Nationality: American, Swedish
Movies and TV shows: Species: The Awakening (2007), Guns, Girls and Gambling (2012), Code of Honor (2016), Iron Man 2 (2010)

45. Ida Engvoll is a Swedish actress. She has appeared in more than fifteen films since 2009. 
Born: 6 October 1985, Sweden
Height: 1.64 m
Education: Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting (2007–2010)
Nominations: Kristallen Award for Female Actor of the Year
Movies and TV shows: Rebecka Martinsson (Since 2017), Love & Anarchy (Since 2020), A Man Called Ove (2015), Our Time is Now (Since 2017)

46. Ingrid García-Jonsson is a Spanish actress born in Sweden. García-Jonsson studied architecture, and first worked as a waitress in a bar. She got her first role in the film Hermosa juventud, which premiered at the Festival de Cannes and received good reviews.
Born: 6 September 1991, Skellefteå, Sweden
Height: 1.7 m
Parents: Anna Jonsson, José Toro
Nominations: Goya Award for Best New Actress, Gaudí Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Movies and TV shows: Beautiful Youth (2014), So My Grandma'S A Lesbian! (2019), Ana by Day (2018), Instinto (Since 2019)

47. Izabella Scorupco is a Polish-Swedish actress, singer and model. She is best known for having played Bond girl Natalya Simonova in the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye. She is also remembered for her cover of the Shirley & Company song "Shame, Shame, Shame" which was released in 1992 and became a European hit.
Born: 4 June 1970, BiaŇāystok, Poland
Full name: Izabela Dorota Skorupko
Spouse: Karl Rosengren (m. 2019), Jeffrey Raymond (m. 2003–2015), Mariusz Czerkawski (m. 1996–1998)
Children: Julia Czerkawski, Jacob Martin Raymond
Movies: GoldenEye (1995), Reign of Fire (2002), Vertical Limit (2000), Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)

48. Maria Josefin Asplund is a Swedish actress, internationally mostly known for playing Astrid on the History Channel series Vikings and Pernilla Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. She plays one of the lead roles in the film adaptation of the best selling Swedish novel The Circle. 
Born: 15 October 1991, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.69 m
Education: S√∂dra Latin (2007–2010)
Movies and TV shows: Himmelsdalen (Since 2019), Top Dog, Vikings (Since 2013), Call Girl (2012)

49. Josefin Sofia Isabelle Ljungman is a Swedish actress.
Born: 26 December 1981, Gothenburg, Sweden
Parents: Sofie Ljungman
TV shows: Hidden: Förstfödd, Boys, Tilde
Movies: Behind Blue Skies (2010), Fatso (2008), Psalm 21 (2009), Warriors of Love (2009)

50. Josephine Alhanko is a Swedish actress and former Miss Sweden title holder. She is niece of the ballet dancer, Anneli Alhanko. Alhanko was Sweden's 28th semi-finalist at the Miss Universe 2006 pageant, held on 23 July in Los Angeles, California. She was the first Miss Sweden to place in nine years.
Born: 24 April 1981, Stockholm, Sweden
Education: Canada's National Ballet School
Movies and TV shows: Real Humans, Dieselråttor & sjömansmöss (2002), Irene Huss - The Hunted Witness (2011), Världarnas bok (2006)

51. Leyla Jerrie Josephine Bornebusch is a Swedish actress.
Born: 12 September 1981, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.77 m
Spouse: Erik Zetterberg (m. 2010)
Parents: Cecilia Bornebusch, Per Langoe
Siblings: Igor Bornebusch, Isak Bornebusch Alvérus
Movies and TV shows: Love Me (Since 2019), Welcome to Sweden (2014 – 2015), Solsidan (Since 2010), Orca (2020)

52. Elin Julia Dufvenius Wollter is a Swedish actress. She has appeared in television shows, films, and stage plays. Her breakthrough role was in the television miniseries Glappet. Dufvenius played a supporting role in Ingmar Bergman's last film, Saraband.
Born: 8 October 1975, Gothenburg, Sweden
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Christopher Wollter (m. 2005)
Parents: Lena Dufvenius
Children: Tilde Wollter
Movies and TV shows: Heder (Since 2019), Saraband (2003), Glappet (1997), The Anderssons in Greece (2012)

53. Julia Maria Ragnarsson is a Swedish actress. She is the daughter of actor Lars-G√∂ran Ragnarsson and stage director Karin Ragnarsson. She studied at Heleneholms gymnasium in Malm√∂ 2008-11. 
Born: 30 July 1992, Malmö, Sweden
Partner: Samuel T. Herring
Education: Heleneholmsskolan
Parents: Lars-Göran Ragnarsson, Karin Ragnarsson
Nominations: Kristallen Award for Female Actor of the Year
Movies and TV shows: Spring Tide (2016), Blinded (Since 2019), Stockholm Stories (2013), Midsommar (2019)

54. Julia Fiona Roberts is an American actress and producer. She established herself as a leading lady in Hollywood after headlining the romantic comedy film Pretty Woman, which grossed $464 million worldwide. She is of English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, and Swedish descent.
Born: 28 October 1967, Smyrna, Georgia, United States
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Daniel Moder (m. 2002), Lyle Lovett (m. 1993–1995)
Children: Hazel Moder, Phinnaeus Moder, Henry Daniel Moder
Movies: Pretty Woman (1990), Notting Hill (1999), Wonder (2017), Erin Brockovich (2000)

55. Julia Sandberg Hansson is a Swedish actress who has featured in several motion pictures, including Postal, The Kreutzer Sonata and Delirium Dance.
Born: 1983
Movies: Junkie, The Kreutzer Sonata (2008), Postal (2007), Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven (2011)

56. Karin Franz K√∂rlof is a Swedish actress, playwright and director. 
Born: 18 April 1986, Ytterby, Kungälv, Sweden
Education: Stockholm University
Parents: Anders Körlof, Anica Fransén
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Movies and TV shows: A Serious Game (2016), Garden Lane (2017), Blue Eyes (2014 – 2015), War in academia (2020)

57. Katia Winter is a Swedish-born British actress. She is best known for her roles as Nadia on the Showtime series Dexter, Katrina Crane on the Fox series Sleepy Hollow, Freydis Eriksdottir in The CW series Legends of Tomorrow and Gwen Karlsson in the CBS series Blood & Treasure. 
Born: 13 October 1983, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.72 m
Nationality: Swedish
Spouse: Jesse Glick (m. 2013–2015)
Movies and TV shows: Sleepy Hollow (2013 – 2017), The Banshee Chapter (2013), Arena (2011), Blood & Treasure (Since 2019)

58. Kirsten Caroline Dunst is an American actress. She gained recognition for her performance as the child vampire Claudia in the horror film Interview with the Vampire, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Dunst's father is German, originally from Hamburg, and her American mother is of German and Swedish descent.
Born: 30 April 1982 (age 38 years), Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States
Partners: Garrett Hedlund (2012–2016), Jesse Plemons (2016–present; engaged)
TV shows: On Becoming a God in Central Florida, Fargo
Children: Ennis Howard Plemons
Awards: MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss
Movies: Spider-Man (2002), Jumanji (1995), Marie Antoinette (2006), Spider-Man 3 (2007)

59. Lena Maria Jonna Olin is a Swedish actress. She has been nominated for several acting awards, including a Golden Globe for The Unbearable Lightness of Being and an Academy Award for Enemies, A Love Story.
Born: 22 March 1955, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Lasse Hallström (m. 1994)
Children: Auguste Rahmberg, Tora Hallstrom
Nominations: Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies and TV shows: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988), The Ninth Gate (1999), Chocolat (2000), Riviera (2017)

60. Lina Maria Englund is a Swedish actress and musician. Englund went to the Adolf Fredrik's Music School in Stockholm for middle and high school. When she was 12, she went with a friend to an audition for the movie Miraklet i Valby and got the female lead. 
Born: 14 May 1975, Spånga, Sweden
Genre: Rock
Education: Adolf Fredriks musikklasser, Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting
Movies and TV shows: Vinterviken (1996), Rapport till himlen (1994), Storstad, Outside Your Door (2002)

61. Lina Leandersson is an Iranian-Swedish actress. She played the lead role of Eli in the 2008 Swedish romantic vampire film Let the Right One In, based on the novel by the same name. Born in Falun, Leandersson started performing at an early age.
Born: 27 September 1995, Falun, Sweden
Height: 1.59 m
Nominations: Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor/Actress
Awards: Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Breakthrough Performance
Movies: Let the Right One In (2008), The Tenderness (2013), The Arbiter (2013)

62. Linda Molin is a Swedish actress. She is best known for her performance as Kristin in Bitch Hug which got her a nomination for the Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.
Born: 24 July 1992, Gothenburg, Sweden
Height: 1.74 m
Movies and TV shows: Bitch Hug (2012), She Monkeys (2011), Garden Lane (2017), Nightfall in India (2014)

63. Linda Caroline Sundblad is a Swedish singer, actress and model. 
Born: 5 July 1981, Lidköping, Sweden
Full name: Linda Caroline Sundblad
Music group: Lambretta
Albums: Oh my God!, Manifest
Genre: Pop music, Electronic music, Europop, Electronica

64. Lisa Henni is a Swedish actress. She was educated in London at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. In 2010, she made her debut in the critically acclaimed Swedish movie Easy Money, playing the lead female role of Sophie. In 2017, she played police detective Sophie Borg in SVT's police comedy drama series Fallet. 
Born: 19 September 1982, √Ėstersund, Sweden
Education: Mountview
Movies and TV shows: Rig 45, The Unthinkable (2018), Easy Money (2010), Fallet (Since 2017)

65. Lisa Werlinder is a Swedish actress and jazz musician and singer.
Born: 12 March 1972, Uppsala, Sweden
Height: 1.73 m
TV shows: Badehotellet, Skeppsholmen, Olivia Twist, Torpedo
Nominations: Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Albums: Ett Minne Blått
Movies: The Inheritance (2003), A Midsummer Comedy (2009), A Song for Martin (2001), All for One (2011)

66. Lisette Pia Hee Young Pagler, is a Swedish musical singer and actress, best known internationally for her role as an intelligent android in the TV series Real Humans.
Born: 5 January 1981, South Korea
Height: 1.6 m
Spouse: Pontus T. Pagler
Movies and TV shows: √Ąkta m√§nniskor, Real Humans (2012 – 2014), Rum 213 (2017), G√•smamman (Since 2015)

67. Liv Anna Mjönes is a Swedish actress. In 1995 at the age of 16 she started studying dancing and acting. She graduated after four years of education at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2006. She is best known for her role as Frida in the Swedish film Kyss Mig.
Born: 18 September 1979, Kista, Stockholm, Sweden
Partner: Henrik Bäckbro
Education: Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting
Siblings: David Mjönes
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies and TV shows: Kiss Me (2011), All Inclusive (2017), Sthlm Requiem (Since 2018), Til Frank Skiller Os Ad (2019)

68. Livia Maria Millhagen is a Swedish actress. Millhagen was born in Stockholm and studied at Malm√∂ Theatre Academy 1995–99. In 1997 she appeared at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in August Strindberg's Fadren, directed by Staffan Valdemar Holm, and she is a regular cast member at that theatre.
Born: 23 May 1973, Stockholm, Sweden
Spouse: Oscar Norbeck
Children: Hedda Norbeck, Valter Norbeck
Parents: Lars Millhagen, Beate Sydhoff
Awards: Litteris et Artibus
Movies and TV shows: Buss till Italien (2005), Miffo (2003), The Birdcatcher's Son (2019), Veni Vidi Vici

69. Louise Elisabeth Peterhoff is a Swedish actress. She trained for ten years as a ballet dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet. Peterhoff is of Estonian descent.
Born: 12 May 1977, Oppmanna, Sweden
Spouse: Alexander M√łrk-Eidem
Education: Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting (2008–2009)
Movies and TV shows: Blue Eyes (2014 Р2015), The Truth Will Out (Since 2018), Rauhantekijä, The Bridge (2011 Р2018)

70. Madeleine Minou Martin is a Swedish actress. 
Born: 20 August 1991, Kungsbacka, Sweden
Siblings: Philip Martin
Movies: Eternal Summer (2015), A Hustler's Diary (2017), Easy Money III: Life Deluxe, Aerobics - A Love Story (2014)

71. Malin Maria √Ökerman is a Swedish-Canadian-American actress, model, and singer. Born in Stockholm, she was raised in Toronto, Canada, where her family had relocated to in the 1980s. 
Born: 12 May 1978, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: Jack Donnelly (m. 2018), Roberto Zincone (m. 2007–2014)
TV shows: Billions, Trophy Wife, The Comeback
Children: Sebastian Zincone
Movies: Watchmen (2009), The Heartbreak Kid (2007), Rampage (2018), The Sleepover (2020)

72. Malin Arvidsson is an actress and singer.
Born: 19 February 1978, El Salvador
Parents: Gösta Arvidsson
Grandparent: Edla Sofia Arvidsson
Nationality: Salvadoran, Swedish
Education: Gothenburg Theatre Academy (2006), Balettakademien
Movies and TV shows: Arne Dahl, Arne Dahl: The Blinded Man (2011), Arne Dahl: Bad Blood (2012), Arne Dahl: De största vatten (2012)

73. Malin Kristina Buska, is a Swedish actress. She was born and grew up in √Ėvertorne√• and studied in Lule√•. She has acted at the Lule Stassteater and studied acting at Teaterh√∂gskolan in Malm√∂ between 2004 and 2007. She made her film debut in 2011 in the film Happy End.
Born: 15 March 1984, √Ėvertorne√•, Sweden
Height: 1.76 m
Education: Teaterhögskolan Malmö
Movies and TV shows: The Girl King (2015), Happy End (2011), Easy Money III: Life Deluxe, The Lawyer (Since 2018)

74. Malin Cr√©pin is a Swedish actress. She has starred in several movies. She became best known for her role in the Swedish film series A Case for Annika Bengtzon.
Born: 22 August 1978, Stockholm, Sweden
Spouse: Markus Crépin Sundström
Education: Lund University
Children: Carla Crépin, Frances Crépin
Movies and TV shows: The Red Wolf (2012), Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter (2012), Nobel's Last Will (2012), A Place in the Sun (2012)

75. Malin Gramer is a Swedish actress and television presenter. Gramer starred in the film Trekant in which she had the lead role.
Born: 26 April 1978, Danderyd Municipality, Sweden
Partner: Carl Falk (2015–)
Nominations: Kristallen Award for Female Host of the Year
TV shows: Lattjo Lajban, Fråga Olle Dokumentären, Hemliga beundrare (Since 2018), Paradise Hotel Sweden (Since 2005)

76. Malou Hansson served as Miss Sweden in 2002. She was the first woman with black African ancestry to hold this beauty pageant title.
Born: 1983, Järfälla Municipality, Sweden
Full name: Malou Mercedes Hansson
Spouse: Erik Nilsson
Title: Miss Sweden
Siblings: Nanna Hansson
Movies: Gangster (2007), Stockholm Boogie (2005), Bloodbrothers (2005), Sökarna: Återkomsten (2006)

77. Mary-Louise Parker is an American actress and writer. Her ancestry includes Swedish (from her maternal grandfather), English, Scottish, Irish, German, and Dutch.
Born: 2 August 1964, Fort Jackson, South California, USA
Height: 1.73 m
Partner: Billy Crudup (1996–2003)
Children: William Atticus Parker, Caroline Aberash Parker
Books: Dear Mr. You
Movies and TV shows: Weeds (2005 – 2012), Red 2 (2013), Fried Green Tomatoes (1991), Red (2010)

78. Mathilda Emma Paradeiser is a Swedish actress. Mathilda played the lead role in the 2011 award winning Swedish movie Apflickorna. She has also acted in Sveriges Television's Volt and in 2013 filmed "Frankenstein" in Chicago playing the role of Ingrid. 
Born: 5 September 1995, Gothenburg, Sweden
Movies: She Monkeys (2011), Hello Au Revoir (2018)

79. Melinda Rosalie Kinnaman is a Swedish-American actress.
Born: 9 November 1971, Västerled, Sweden
Height: 1.58 m
Partner: Tilman O’Donnell
Siblings: Leyla Belle Drake, Joel Kinnaman
Parents: Steve Kinnaman, Dee Kinnaman
Movies and TV shows: Modus (2015 – 2017), My Life as a Dog (1985), All Hell Let Loose (2002), Gordon a Paddy (2017)

80. Meral Izabelle Tasbas is a Swedish television personality, singer, actress and television host. Tasbas is known for appearing as a contestant on all five seasons of the reality show The Bar between 2000 and 2004 on TV3 and for hosting her own television show on TV3 called Meral-TV.
Born: 4 April 1979, Gothenburg, Sweden
Spouse: Emil Kokot (m. 2004–2005)
Movies and TV shows: Realitystjärnorna på godset (Since 2015), The Last Reality Show (2012), The Dog Trick (2002)

81. Mercedes Mason is a Swedish-American actress known for playing the role of Zondra in the American television series Chuck and the role of Isabel Zambada in the American procedural drama The Finder. She starred in the 2011 American horror film Quarantine 2: Terminal. 
Born: 3 March 1982, Linköping, Sweden
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: David Denman (m. 2014)
Children: Caius Kane Denman
Movies and TV shows: The Rookie (Since 2018), Fear the Walking Dead (Since 2015), Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011), Sniper: Legacy (2014)

82. Mi Ridell is a Swedish actress and singer. Ridell was a celebrity dancer on Let's Dance in 2008, broadcast on TV4.
Born: 3 June 1968, Sweden
Height: 1.65 m
Partner: Peter Andersson
Children: Max Pettersson
Movies and TV shows: Reine & Mimmi i fjällen! (1997), Peppa Pig (Since 2004), Hotelliggaren (2005), Monopol (1996)

83. Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is an American actress, producer and businesswoman. Pfeiffer's performances in a variety of film genres have consistently earned acclaim and several accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Primetime Emmy Award nomination, and three Academy Award nominations. Her paternal grandfather was of German ancestry and her paternal grandmother was of English, Welsh, French, Irish, and Dutch descent, while her maternal grandfather was of Swiss-German descent and her maternal grandmother of Swedish ancestry.
Born: 29 April 1958, Santa Ana, California, United States
Height: 1.71 m
Spouse: David E. Kelley (m. 1993), Peter Horton (m. 1981–1988)
Children: Claudia Rose Pfeiffer, John Henry Kelley
TV shows: The Wizard of Lies, Delta House, B.A.D. Cats, Fantasy Island, Enos, HBO First Look, People Like Us
Movies: Scarface (1983), Batman Returns (1992), Grease 2 (1982), Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

84. Mimmi Linn√©a Marianne Sand√©n is a Swedish singer and actress who came to fame by becoming 1st runner up in the television show Talang 2007. 
Born: 25 December 1995, Stockholm, Sweden
Education: Adolf Fredriks musikklasser
Siblings: Frida Sandén, Molly Sandén
TV shows: Mimmi och Mojje, Roboten Rob, Mimmi och Mojje: Vampyrernas √Öterkomst, Dinosaur Train, Biet Maya
Genre: Dance, Electronic, Soundtracks

85. Susanna Clara Elisabeth "Mini" And√©n is a Swedish model, actress, occasional host and producer. 
Born: 7 June 1978, Stockholm, Sweden
Spouse: Taber Schroeder (m. 2001)
Eye color: Blue
TV shows: Chuck, Fashion House, Top Model Sverige
Children: Felix Shroeder
Movies: The Mechanic (2011), Ocean's Twelve (2004), My Best Friend's Girl (2008), G-Force (2009)

86. Moa Tuva Amanda Gammel, is a Swedish actress. She made her acting debut in the 1996 Mikael H√•fstr√∂m film Skuggornas hus and then acted in the soap opera Vita l√∂gner on TV3. Her breakthrough came in the 2006 film by Johan Brisinger called Underbara √Ąlskade.
Born: 6 October 1980, Stockholm City Centre
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: Victor Ginsburg M√ľller (m. 2015)
Genre: Soundtracks
Nominations: Kristallen Award for Female Actor of the Year
Movies and TV shows: Jordskott (2015 Р2017), Tommy (2014), LasseMajas detektivbyrå - Tågrånarens hemlighet (2020), Suddenly (2006)

87. Molly Nutley is a Swedish actress. She is the daughter of actress Helena Bergstr√∂m and film director Colin Nutley. Nutley got her first minor role in a film in the film S√• olika in 2009, which her mother directed. Nutley however, got recognition in the film √Ąnglag√•rd – tredje g√•ngen gillt, as Alice. 
Born: 16 March 1995, Stockholm, Sweden
Siblings: Tim Nutley, Daniel Nutley
Parents: Helena Bergström, Colin Nutley
Aunt: Anna Rosén
Grandparents: Kerstin Widgren, Hans Bergström
Movies and TV shows: Bröllop, begravning & dop (Since 2019), Mending Hugo's Heart (2017), Missing (Since 2017), House of Angels РThird Time Lucky (2010)

88. Nadia Alexandra Bjorlin is an American actress, singer, and model. She is the second eldest child of Swedish composer and conductor Ulf Bj√∂rlin and Fary Bj√∂rlin n√©e Dadashi, a Swedish Iranian interior designer.
Born: 2 August 1980, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Spouse: Grant Turnbull (m. 2015)
Siblings: Kamilla Bjorlin, Katja Björlin Salén, Jean-Paul Bjorlin, Kaj Bjorlin, Ulf Bjorlin, Henrik Björlin, Fredrik Björlin
Children: Torin Mathias Turnbull
Parents: Ulf Björlin, Fary Bjorlin
Movies and TV shows: Redline (2007), Days of Our Lives (Since 1965), Venice: The Series (Since 2009), Divorce Invitation (2012)

89. Nanna Terese Blondell is a Swedish actress. She has acted on stage, on television and movies. She will soon be seen in Marvel Studios's Black Widow. 
Born: 6 August 1986
Education: Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola
Movies and TV shows: Den inre cirkeln, Red Dot, The Inner Circle

90. Nermina Lukac is a Swedish actress. Lukac won the 2012 Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and other awards for her role in the film Eat Sleep Die.
Born: 5 January 1990, Montenegro
Movies: Eat Sleep Die (2012), The Prosecutor, the Defender, the Father and His Son (2015), Come, duerme, muere

91. Nina Nasr Zanjani is an Iranian-Swedish actress. She played one of the two lead roles in Helena Bergström's directorial debut Mind the Gap as the daughter Yasmin. Zanjani was a student at Stockholm Elementary Theatre School from 2001 to 2002 and went to the Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting in 2007.
Born: 1 September 1981, Tehran, Iran
Spouse: Joel Magnusson
Movies: The Collector, Mind the Gap, The Heritage
Education: Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting (2007), Stockholms Element√§ra Teaterskola (2001–2002)
TV shows: Agent Hamilton (Since 2020), Wallander (2005 – 2013), Love Me (Since 2019), Modus (2015 – 2017)

92. Nisti St√™rk is a Swedish-Kurdish actress and comedian. Nisti St√™rk has been writing all her life, but does not want to call herself an author. She is first and foremost an actress and a comedian. 
Born: 29 October 1977, DiyarbakńĪr, Turkey
Movies: Blott Sverige svenska komedienner har

93. Noomi Rapace is a Swedish actress. She achieved international fame with her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish film adaptations of the Millennium series: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest.
Born: 28 December 1979, Hudiksvall, Sweden
Spouse: Ola Rapace (m. 2001–2011)
TV shows: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Millennium, Tre kronor
Children: Lev Rapace
Awards: Empire Award for Best Actress
Movies: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009), What Happened to Monday (2017), Prometheus (2012), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

94. Nour El-Refai is a Swedish actress and comedian. She became known for her participation in the candid-camera show Raj Raj in 2007 and hosted Melodifestivalen 2014. El-Refai has also appeared in several movies such as Kronjuvelerna and Johan Falk: Spelets regler.
Born: 14 November 1987, Lebanon
Height: 1.6 m
Partner: Henrik Schyffert (2015–)
Parents: Taroub Taha-Al-Bank
Siblings: Rami El-Refai
Movies and TV shows: Raj raj, Morgonsoffan (2008), I Love You - A Divorce Comedy (2016), Kingdom of Sweden (2018)

95. Paulina Porizkova is a model, actress and author.
Born: 9 April 1965, Prostńõjov, Czechia
Height: 1.79 m
Spouse: Ric Ocasek (m. 1989–2019)
Children: Jonathan Raven Ocasek, Oliver Orion Ocasek
Parents: Anna PoŇô√≠zkov√°, JiŇô√≠ PoŇô√≠zek
Citizenship: USA, Swedish
Movies and TV shows: Thursday (1998), Her Alibi (1989), Arizona Dream (1992), America's Next Top Model (2003 – 2018)

96. Pernilla Nina Elisabeth Wahlgren is a Swedish singer and actress. She has sung in Melodifestivalen several times; her 1985 entry titled "Piccadilly Circus" became popular and successful. She has acted in several plays and films, playing roles including Esmeralda in the Academy Award-winning Fanny and Alexander. 
Born: 24 December 1967, Gustavsberg, Sweden
Height: 1.56 m
Spouse: Emilio Ingrosso (m. 1993–2002)
Children: Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso, Benjamin Ingrosso, Theodor Wahlgren-Lennholm, Oliver Ingrosso
Siblings: Niclas Wahlgren, Peter Wahlgren, Linus Wahlgren

97. Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström is a Swedish actress. She began her acting career with the Swedish soap opera Nya tider and went on to star in the slasher film Drowning Ghost.
Born: 19 October 1983, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.65 m
Partner: Ludwig Hallberg (2005–2015)
Children: Isac Hallberg
Movies and TV shows: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015), The Greatest Showman (2017), Doctor Sleep (2019), The White Queen (2013)

98. Ingrid Rebecka Elisabet Hemse is a Swedish actress. She is best known for her role as Martin Beck's daughter Inger. She works at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. In 2008, she was Ofelia in Staffan Valdemar Holm's theatre play Hamlet and Karoline in the play Kasimir och Karoline. 
Born: 4 August 1975, Järna, Sweden
Height: 1.63 m
Partner: Anders Amrén
Parents: Kjell Andersson, Lisbet Hemse
Movies: Beck, Just Another Love Story, Beck РOkänd avsändare
TV shows: Beck (Since 1997), Quicksand (Since 2019), 30 Degrees in February (Since 2012), Radioskugga (1995 – 1997)

99. Ruth Vega Fernandez is a Spanish-Swedish actress. She is known for her roles in Call Girl and Gentlemen. She has studied at Balettakademien.
Born: 12 April 1977, Canary Islands, Spain
Height: 1.68 m
TV shows: Gentlemen & Gangsters, How Soon Is Now?, Cannabis, Wallander
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies: Kiss Me (2011), Call Girl (2012), Gentlemen (2014), Johan Falk: Kodnamn: Lisa (2013)

100. Sara Catharina Alström is a Swedish actress. She started acting when she was 11 years old, then together with her younger sister Hanna.
Born: 28 October 1975, Stockholm, Sweden
Education: Actors Studio
Siblings: Hanna Alström
Movies and TV shows: Badhuset (1989), Sebastian (1995), 9 millimeter (1997), Maskrosbarn

101. Sara Kristina Edwardsson is a Swedish actress, TV-host and singer. Edwardsson hosts, among other programmes, Bolibompa and Världens största kör, and played Supersnällasilversara, Supersurasunksara and Stuntstina in Supersnällasilversara och Stålhenrik and Superhjältejul.
Born: 24 June 1971, Uppsala, Sweden
Genre: Children's Music
Albums: Musiken Från Superhjältejul Med Supersnällasilversara & Stålhenrik, Supersnälla Silversara och Stålhenrik
Record labels: Barnens Jukebox, Nordisk Film Distribution AB
TV shows: Supersnällasilversara och Stålhenrik (2005), Superhjältejul (2009), Nattens hjältar, Fixi in Playland

102. Sara Anita Sommerfeld is a Swedish actress. Sara Sommerfeld was born in Sollentuna north of Stockholm. Her parents are Polish-Jewish immigrants who came to Sweden in 1968. Sara Sommerfeld started as a child actress at age ten.
Born: 28 October 1977, Sollentuna Municipality, Sweden
Height: 1.61 m
Partner: Jonas Unger
Siblings: Isabel Sommerfeld, Maja Sommerfeld, Anna Sommerfeld Marsh
Parents: Bea Sommerfeld, Viktor Sommerfeld
Movies and TV shows: Wings of Glass (2000), Cloudboy (2017), Tsatsiki Рvänner för alltid (2001), JerryMaya's Detective Agency - Stella Nostra (2015)

103. Sascha Zacharias is a Swedish television and film actress who developed her acting career in Italy.
Born: 23 February 1979, Stockholm, Sweden
Parents: Ann Zacharias, Sven-Bertil Taube
Siblings: Sara Zacharias, Moishe Zacharevsky, Jesper Taube, Ann-Charlotte Taube, Felix Taube
Great-grandparents: Herman Bergman, Carl Gunnar Taube, Märtha Asch, Melen Bergman, Julia Sofia Jacobsdotter
Grandparents: Evert Taube, Arne Ragneborn, Astri Taube, Gun Zacharias
Movies and TV shows: Rebecka Martinsson (Since 2017), I delitti del cuoco (2010), It May Be Love But It Doesn't Show (2011), Tatanka (2011)

104. Siri Svegler is a Swedish-born actress, singer and songwriter. She played the Greek character Polydora in the film Troy. In 2009 her debut album "Silent Viewer" was released. One of her well-known songs is "Their Wine". 
Born: 15 April 1980, Gothenburg, Sweden
Education: Arts Educational Schools London
Genre: Pop
Albums: Silent Viewer, Awake, Silent Viewer (Deluxe Edition), Lost & Found
Record labels: Compost Records, Silva Screen Records, Sophie Records, Royal 22D Records
Movies: Troy (2004), The Line of Beauty (2006), Bienvenue In Meinem Neuen Leben (2016)

105. Sissela Benn is a Swedish actress and comedian. Benn has appeared in Robins, Melodifestivalen and Centralskolan. Along with Simon Svensson, Emma Hansson and Jesper Rönndahl, Benn created the comedy group "Einsteins kvinnor".
Born: 14 May 1980, Malmö, Sweden
Partner: Dan Hedlund
Parents: Kevin Benn
Children: Dalia Unge
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies and TV shows: Sune vs. Sune (2018), Barna Hedenhös uppfinner julen (2013), I Anneli, Sune - Best Man (2019)

106. Sofia Margareta Götschenhjelm Helin is a Swedish actress. She was nominated for a Guldbagge Award for her role in Dalecarlians, and stars as Saga Norén in the Danish/Swedish co-produced TV series The Bridge.
Born: 25 April 1972, Hovsta, Sweden
Height: 1.69 m
Spouse: Daniel Götschenhjelm
Awards: Robert Award for Best Actress in a Leading Television Role, Kristallen Award for Female Actor of the Year
Education: Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting (2001), Lund University
Movies and TV shows: The Bridge (2011 – 2018), Arn – The Knight Templar (2007), The Same Sky (2017), Mystery Road: The Series (Since 2018)

107. Sofia Marianne Ledarp is a Swedish actress. Born in the Stockholm suburb H√§gersten, she studied at Lule√• Theatre Academy 1996–2000. In January 2008, she received the Guldsolen and Guldbagge Awards for her role as Lena in the 2007 film Den man √§lskar. 
Born: 8 April 1974, Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden
Partner: Tobias Norenstedt (2013–)
Education: Lule√• Theatre Academy (1996–2000)
Children: 1
Movies and TV shows: Miss Friman's War (2013 – 2017), To Love Someone (2007), Gone (2011), The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009)

108. Susanne Thorson is a Swedish actress.
Born: 12 June 1981, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.71 m
Spouse: Alain Darborg (m. 2014–2017)
TV shows: High Heels, Gåsmamman, Maria Wern, Snutar, Alex, Inkognito
Movies: Once Upon a Time in Phuket (2011), The Master Plan (2015), Simple Simon (2010), Trust Me (2010)

109. Tehilla Blad is a Swedish actress, singer, swimmer and ballet dancer best known for playing the young Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish Millennium films. 
Born: 5 September 1995, Uppsala, Sweden
TV shows: Eyewitness, Kvalster
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies: Beyond (2010), The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009), Victoria (2013), The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest (2009)

110. Tilde Maria Henny M√§rta Fr√∂ling, the daughter of the Swedish actors Ewa Fr√∂ling and √Ėrjan Ramberg, is a Swedish actress, TV presenter and model. She was the winning participant in the 2005 TV3 celebrity version of Expedition Robinson. 
Born: 15 May 1980, Stockholm, Sweden
Partner: Angelo Cantavenera
Parents: Ewa Fr√∂ling, √Ėrjan Ramberg
Siblings: Mira Fröling, Auguste Rahmberg, Georg Ramberg
Movies and TV shows: Rocky & Drago, Deadline (2001), Strawberries with Real Milk (2001), Bergman's Reliquarium (2018)

111. Tuva Moa Matilda Karolina Novotny Hedstr√∂m, known as Tuva Novotny, is a Swedish actress, director, and singer. She was born in Stockholm, and was raised in √Ömot, Brunskog, outside Arvika. She is the daughter of Czech film director David Novotn√Ĺ and Swedish artist Barbro Hedstr√∂m. 
Born: 21 December 1979, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.63 m
Children: Ella Bjerrum Lersbryggen
Nominations: Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Parents: Barbro Hedstr√∂m, David Novotn√Ĺ, David Novotny
Movies and TV shows: Blind Spot (2018), Slim Susie (2003), Annihilation (2018), Crimes of Passion (2013)

112. Uma Karuna Thurman is an American actress and model. She has performed in a variety of films, from romantic comedies and dramas to science fiction and action films. Following her appearances on the December 1985 and May 1986 covers of British Vogue, Thurman starred in Dangerous Liaisons. Her mother, Nena von Schlebr√ľgge, a high-fashion model, was born in Mexico City to a German nobleman and a Swedish model.
Born: 29 April 1970, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Ethan Hawke (m. 1998–2005), Gary Oldman (m. 1990–1992)
Children: Maya Hawke, Levon Roan Thurman-Hawke, Luna Thurman-Busson
Movies: Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003), Pulp Fiction (1994), Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004), Batman & Robin (1997)

113. Vendela Maria Kirsebom is a Norwegian-Swedish-Turkish model and actress living in Oslo, Norway.
Born: 12 January 1967, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: Olaf Thommessen (m. 1996–2007)
Children: Julia Thommessen, Hannah Thommessen
Parents: Ahmet √Ėzkal, Ingi Kirsebom
Movies and TV shows: Norway's Next Top Model (2006 – 2013), The Parent Trap (1998), Batman & Robin (1997), Romy and Michele: In the Beginning (2005)

114. Anna Vera Vitali is a Swedish actress and playwright, who stars as Lisa in the drama series Bonus Family. Vera Vitali grew up in Stockholm in a film-family. Her father Leon Vitali worked as Stanley Kubrick's production assistant and also starred in his last films.
Born: 3 October 1981, Stockholm, Sweden
Parents: Leon Vitali, Kersti Vitali
Siblings: Max Vitali, Masha Vitali
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Movies and TV shows: Bonus Family (Since 2017), My So-Called Father (2014), White Wall (Since 2020), Britt-Marie Was Here (2019)

115. Karin Victoria Silvstedt is a Swedish model, actress, singer, and television personality.
Born: 19 September 1974, Skelleftehamn, Sweden
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Chris Wragge (m. 2000–2009)
Parents: Ulla Silvstedt, Bo Silvstedt
Awards: Playboy Playmate of the Year, Playboy Playmate of the Month
Movies and TV shows: La Roue de la fortune (1987 – 2012), Boat Trip (2002), Victoria Silvsted: My Perfect Life (Since 2009), Eurotrash (1993 – 2016)