Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Syrian actresses. Some of them are also having different blood descent like American, Emirati, Lebanese, Tunisian, Palestinian, Egyptian and Algerian. Some are also talented model, singer, dancer, successful businesswoman, director, producer, writer, and presenter. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 30+ Most Beautiful Syrian Actresses

1. Amal Arafa is a Syrian actress, singer, and writer.
Born: 18 March 1970, Damascus, Syria
Spouse: Abdel Moneim Amiry (m. 2001–2015)
Parents: Suheil Arafa
Children: Mariam Amayri, Salama Amayri
Movies: Al-layl al-taweel
TV shows: Al-Khawali (Since 2000), Kasr al-Khawater (Since 2006), Takht Sharqi (Since 2010), Raffet Ein (Since 2012)

2. Karess Bashar is a Syrian film and TV actress. She has played many roles on Syrian soap operas. Her only feature film is Usama Muhammad's The Box of Life.
Born: 16 February 1975, Damascus, Syria
Spouse: Shady Jawad (m. ?–2014)
Children: Majd Shady Jawad
Movies: Aziza, The Box of Life
TV shows: Alsalehiyah Nights (Since 2004), Khatoon (Since 2016), Laysa Saraban (Since 2008), A Seat in the Garden (Since 1998)

3. Dana Jabr is a Syrian actress.
Born: 15 March 1988, Damascus, Syria
Parents: Hanadi Jabr, Faraj Nader Al-Esh
Movies and TV shows: Garh El Ward (Since 2018), Sana Tanya Zwaag, Menahi (2009), The Citadel Folks: Abnaa Al Qalaa

4. Dana Mardini is an actress.
Born: 26 June 1988, Syria
Nationality: Syrian
Education: Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts
TV shows: Alnadam (Since 2016), Tanghoo (Since 2018), Halawet Elrouh

5. Deema Bayyaa is an actress.
Born: 3 December 1978, Syria
Spouse: Ahmed Al-Helo (m. 2014), Taim Hasan (m. 2002–2012)
Children: Ward Taim Hasan, Fahad Taim Hasan
Parents: Maha Al Masri, Hazem Bayaa
Siblings: Reem Adnan Ibrahim, Taif Ibrahim
Aunt: Salma Almasri

6. Dima Kandalaft is a Syrian actress and singer.
Born: 3 January 1979, Damascus, Syria
Spouse: Humam Al Jazaeri ​(m. 2015)​
Movies and TV shows: Chaos, Doubt, Mariam, Shababeek: Windows, Al Ijtiyah, The Lover, Al-Mohallab, The Mother
Education: Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, Damascus University

7. Emarat Rezk is a Syrian TV actress. She has played many roles in popular TV series including Bab al-Hara 3, 4 and 5. Rezk is one of the Syrian actresses who is known for her performance, presence and beauty.
Born: 16 September 1985, Daraa, Syria
Full name: Emarat Mohammed Khier Abdulla Al-Sadi
Parents: Mohammed Khier Abdulla Al-Sadi
Spouse: Youssef Rizk (m. ?–2008), Hossam Jneed
Children: Daniel Youssef Rizk
Movies: Hassiba

8. Haya Maraachli is a Lebanese-Syrian actress. She was born on 20 June 1997 in Damascus. In 2003, she made her first television appearance as a child in the series Abu El Mafhoumiyya. She became more famous after her participation in the series Women's Sessions.
Born: 20 June 1997, Damascus, Syria
Parents: Randa Maraashly, Tariq Maraashly
Grandparents: Nahed Halabi, Ibrahim Maraachli
Education: Damascus University, Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts

9. Heba Nour is a Syrian actress.
Born: 11 July 1987, Damascus, Syria
Parents: Nour Halawany
Movies: Andaleeb El Dokki

10. Jafra Younes is an actress.
Born: 1990
Nationality: Syrian
Education: Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts
Movies: In Paradox (2019), Fires (2016), The Bees' Way (2017)

11. Jenny Esber is an actress.
Born: 20 August 1980, Latakia, Syria
Height: 1.73 m
Nationality: Syrian
Spouse: Emad Dahia (m. 2008)
Education: Tishreen University
TV shows: El-Forsa El-Akhera (Since 2018), Sana Tanya Zwaag

12. Jumana Nawaf Fahad Murad is a Syrian actress and producer. She is one of the most famous actresses in Syrian and Arabic media.
Born: 1 April 1973, As Suwayda, Syria
Spouse: Rabi Beisaiso (m. 2013)
Parents: Nawaf Fahad Murad
Education: Damascus University
Movies and TV shows: Kaf Alqamar (2011), Al Hafla (2013), El-Farah (2009), El Hafla

13. Kholoud Issa is an actress.
Born: 15 May 1990
Nationality: Syrian, Tunisian

14. Kinda Mazen Alloush is a Syrian actress, she is known for her roles in Syrian and Egyptian drama and cinema. Her first husband was Syrian scriptwriter Fares Al-Thahabi and now she's married to Egyptian actor Amr Youssef.
Born: 27 March 1982, Hama, Syria
Height: 1.54 m
Children: 1
Spouse: Amr Youssef (m. 2016), Fares Alzahabi (m. ?–2016)
Parents: Faten El Ostaz, Mazen Alloush
Movies and TV shows: A'd Tanazoly, Bartita (2012), Hagar Gohanam (Since 2017), Wahed Saheh (2011)

15. Kinda Hanna is an actress.
Born: 16 December 1984, Hama, Syria
Nationality: Syrian
Spouse: Nagi Teameh (m. 2013)
Education: Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (2006)
Children: Fares Taemy, Katalia Taemy, Christine Ta'my
TV shows: Bab Al-Hara (2006 – 2019), Haroon Al‑Rasheed

16. Lilia al-Atrash is Syrian television actress. She started her career with the famous actor and writer Yasser al-Azma in the sitcom Maraya.
Born: 18 August 1977, As Suwayda, Syria
Siblings: Lana al-Atrash
Movies and TV shows: Bab Al-Hara (2006 – 2019), Maraya (Since 1982), Wahm, The Strangers (2009)

17. Lina Diab is an actress.
Born: 25 August 1985, Damascus, Syria
Nationality: Syrian
TV shows: Fares wa Khams Awanes

18. Madiha Knefati is an actress.
Born: 15 November 1984, Aleppo, Syria
Nationality: Syrian
Movies: Alekhwa (2014), Daawat Moqawem (2014) and Asouf (2018)

19. Maram Ali is an actress.
Born: 21 February 1992, Damascus, Syria
Nationality: Syrian
Movies: Al Nadam (2016), Me You Mother and Father (2016) and Roundtrip (2015)

20. Merna Shalfoun is an actress.
Born: 28 November 1987, Damascus, Syria
Nationality: Syrian
Filmography: Al-Gharib (since 2017), Neighbors (since 2017), Sarkhat Rouh (since 2016)

21. Nazli Al Rawas is a Syrian actress.
Born: 27 July 1977
Filmography: Bab Al-Hara 11: Haret Al-Salihiya, Sharie' Chicago, El-Haramlek, Ghafwet El-Qolob

22. Nesreen Tafesh is a Syrian actress and singer of Palestinian and Algerian descent.
Born: 15 February 1982, Aleppo, Syria
Parents: Yousef Tafesh
Education: Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts
Genre: World
Movies and TV shows: Rabea Cordoba (Since 2003), The Secret Men Club (2019), Banat Aleila (Since 2012), al-Taghreba al-Falastenya (Since 2004)

23. Neven Madi is an Emirati-Syrian actress. She is best known for her work in Arab Gulf television series as well as in some Syrian works. She began her career in 1999 as a child. 
Born: 25 November 1992, United Arab Emirates
Movies and TV shows: Sea Shadow (2011), Ali & Alia, Justice: Qalb Al Adala (Since 2017), Mansour (Since 2013)

24. Noura Rahal is a Lebanese-Syrian singer from Damascus, who has also had brief acting stints. Rahal was born to a Lebanese father and Syrian mother in Syria.
Born: 1973, Damascus, Syria
Record label: Rotana
Movies: The Mother
Albums: اشواق المغيب, حبك ضاع

25. Paula Julie Abdul is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, and television personality. She began her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers at the age of 18 and later became the head choreographer for the Laker Girls, where she was discovered by The Jacksons. Abdul's father, Harry Abdul, was born into the Syrian Jewish community in Aleppo.
Born: 19 June 1962, San Fernando, California, United States
Spouse: Brad Beckerman (m. 1996–1998), Emilio Estevez (m. 1992–1994)
TV shows: American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance
Movies: Brüno, Touched By Evil, The Waiting Game

26. Rahaf Shuker is an actress.
Born: 30 September 1989
Nationality: Syrian
Filmography: Vacation (2020), Coma (2018), خان الدراويش 

27. Rana Abiad is a Syrian actress.
Born: 7 July 1979, Damascus, Syria
TV shows: Raehet El-Rooh, Fares wa Khams Awanes, Kaeb Aaly

28. Racha Taki is a Lebanese actress. Her mother, Sabah Al Jazairi is the Syrian actress.
Born: 18 October 1985, Beirut, Lebanon
Spouse: Amer Al Majzoub (m. 2009)
Parents: Sabah Jazairi
Education: Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts
Aunt: Samia Al jazaere
Nationality: Lebanese, Syrian

29. Shannon Elizabeth Fadal is an American actress and former fashion model. Elizabeth has appeared in comedy films such as American Pie, Scary Movie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She has also appeared in horror films such as Jack Frost, Thirteen Ghosts, Cursed, and Night of the Demons. Her father is of Lebanese-Syrian Arab-Christian origin.
Born: 7 September 1973, Houston, Texas, United States
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Joseph D. Reitman (m. 2002–2007)
TV shows: Live Nude Comedy, Celebrity Big Brother
Movies: American Pie (1999), American Pie 2 (2001), Scary Movie (2000), Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

30. Sulafa Refaat Memar is a well known Syrian actress.
Born: 26 April 1976, Damascus, Syria
Spouse: Seif Eddin Subaie (m. 2002–2013)
Education: Damascus University
TV shows: Khatoon (Since 2016), Zaman Al'ar (Since 2009), Shababeek: Windows (Since 2017), Al Gofran

31. Sulaf Fawakherji is a Syrian film, TV actress and director. She has played many roles on Syrian soap operas.
Born: 27 July 1977, Latakia, Syria
Spouse: Wael Ramadan
Children: Hamza Wael Ramadan, Ali Wael Ramadan
Movies: Mariam, Halim, The Baby Doll Night, Hassiba
Parents: Ebtsam Adib, Mahmoud Fawakherji
TV shows: Asmahan (Since 2008), Khat Sakhin, Akher Ayam Al Hob (Since 2009), Bokra Ahla (Since 2005)

32. Suzan Najm Aldeen is a Syrian actress, whose memorable roles have earned her wide acclaim throughout the Arab world.
Born: 24 November 1966, Draykish, Syria
Nationality: Syrian
Full name: Suzan Al Saleh
Spouse: Seraj al-Atassi (m. ?–2014)
Parents: Dawlat Al-Abbasi
Movies and TV shows: Nihayat Rajol Shoja', Hamlet Pheroun (2019), Ot W Far (2015), Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi (Since 2001)

33. Teri Lynn Hatcher is an American actress, writer, presenter and singer. She is best known for her portrayal of Lois Lane on the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Her mother is of Syrian, Czech, and Irish ancestry.
Born: 8 December 1964, Palo Alto, California, United States
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Jon Tenney (m. 1994–2003), Marcus Leithold (m. 1988–1989)
Children: Emerson Tenney
Movies and TV shows: Desperate Housewives (2004 – 2012), Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993 – 1997), Supergirl (Since 2015), MacGyver (1985 – 1992)

34. Waha Al-Raheb is a Syrian-Egyptian actress and filmmaker. She wrote and directed Dreamy Visions, the first Syrian feature film by a woman.
Born: 27 April 1964, Cairo, Egypt
Nationality: Syrian
Movies: Dreamy Visions