Using Bluetooth may take sometime to copy your file from PC to your OPPO A37 phone. Using Shareit is not also as good as before to also copy your file from your laptop to your android phone because it has so many adds and the process is a little tricky now. 

But, you can use your OTG USB flash drive to copy file from your computer to your OPPO A37 phone. See the simple steps below to be  able to do it.

How connect OTG USB Flash drive to your OPPO A37 phone

First, prepare all the things that you need.
  • Your OPPO A37 phone
  • OTG USB Flash drive

1. Connect your OTG USB flash drive to your OPPO A37 phone.
2. Inside your phone, Go to Settings > scroll down a bit and find Additional Settings and tap it.

3. Inside, go to the bottom of the screen and find OTG Connection and Enable it.

4. After enabling the your OTG connection go to your Files folder.
5. Press All Files, and then press usbotgA. Note: If the OTG connection is successfully done, you should be able to see your USB OTG folder, if not, just remove your OTG USB, reconnect it and repeat the steps above.

6. Assuming that you found your OTG folder inside your OPPO A37 phone, you can now copy or install the file inside your phone easily.

7. Done!

Important Thing!!

After doing all what you need to do, do not forget to unmount your OTG USB flash drive from your OPPO A37 phone. Just go to Settings again > Additional Settings > Storage > tap usbotgA (whatever the name of your OTG device inside your phone) > press unmount storage. And done!