What is TNT All Text 10?

  1. This promo is available for TNT subscribers only! It has the following:
  2. Unlimited SMS or texts to all networks
  3. Unlimited Calls to Smart, TNT, Sun
  4. Valid for 1 day or 24 hours only

How to register or avail TNT All Text 10 using GCash app?

  1. Login on your GCash account.
  2. Press "Buy Load."
  3. In the "Buy Load For:" type, the number of the customer or receiver of the load.
  4. Press the NEXT button.
  5. Now find the "Call & Text" tab and press it.
  6. Then tap on "TNT All Text 10", and press the NEXT button.
  7. In the Payment, press the "Pay PHP 10.00" button located below the screen.
  8. Done!