Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Tunisian actresses. Some of them are also talented model, singer, dancer, former beauty queen titleholder, successful entrepreneur, director, producer, TV host, writer and more. Some of them are also having different blood descent like Italian, French, Egyptian, Belgian, Lebanese and Iraqi. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 30+ Most Beautiful Tunisian Actresses

1. Afef Jnifen is a Tunisian-Italian fashion model, actress and television presenter.
Born: 3 November 1963, Medinine, Tunisia 
Height: 1.65 m
Spouse: Marco Tronchetti Provera (m. 2001)
Children: Sammy
Parents: Mohamed Jnifen, Saida Benina
TV shows: Project Runway, La grande notte, La grande notte del lunedì sera

2. Aicha Attia is an actress.
Born: 8 February 1991
Nationality: Tunisian
TV shows: Mraweb Bean
Movies: Sohba Ghir Darjin (2016), Naouret El Hawa (2014) and School (2014)

3. Aïcha Ben Ahmed is a Tunisian actress who has performed in film, on the stage and on television. She became widely known in Tunisia in 2012 when she appeared in the series Pour les beaux yeux de Catherine. More recently, she has appeared in several Egyptian films including Saint Augustin, La cellule and Zizou.
Born: 7 February 1989, Tunis, Tunisia
TV shows: El-Seham El-Mariqa, Pour les beaux yeux de Catherine, Harga, Nasr Al Saaeed, Abu Gabal
Movies: The Money (2019), Tawa'am Rouhy (2020), The Cell (2017), Narcisse (2015)

4. Anissa Daoud is a Franco-Tunisian actress, author and producer. Living between Paris and Tunis, she is part of the art collective Artists Producers Associates. 
Born: Dougga, Tunisia
Nationality: French, Tunisian
Nominations: Muhr Feature Award for Best Actress
Movies: Burning Hope (2016), Borders of Heaven (2015), Tunisian Spring (2014), Tender Is the Wolf (2006)

5. Baya Medhaffar is a Tunisian actress and singer.
Born: 14 April 1995, Tunisia
Parents: Aïcha Filali
Genre: Soundtracks
Nominations: Muhr Feature Award for Best Actress
Movies: As I Open My Eyes (2015), Sans Rivages (2018)

6. Beya Zardi is a Tunisian radio host, television presenter and actress.
Born: 3 August 1965
Movies and TV shows: Omour Jedia, Eli Baadou, Kesmat Wkhayen, Omour Jedia: Special Ramadan, Tunisian Spring

7. Dareen Haddad is a Tunisian actress who appeared in several Egyptian television series.
Born: 24 April 1980, Tunisia
Movies and TV shows: Hamlit Fraizer (2016), The Blue Elephant (2014), Al-Jassous, Between Two Worlds

8. Doria Achour is a French-Tunisian film director and actress.
Born: 1 March 1991
Parents: Lotfi Achour
Nominations: Best Muhr Short Award, Special Jury Prize: Muhr Short Award
Education: Paris Diderot University, Paris-Sorbonne University
Movies: Papa Was Not a Rolling Stone (2014), Burning Hope (2016), Le Reste Est L'oeuvre De L'homme (2016), Laisse‑Moi Finir

9. Dorra Ibrahim Zarrouk is a Tunisian actress living in Egypt.
Born: 13 January 1980, Tunis, Tunisia
Education: St. Joseph University
Parents: Ibrahim Zarrouk
Nominations: Muhr Feature Award for Best Actress
Movies and TV shows: Tisbah ala Khair (2017), A Day and a Night (2020), Chaos (2007), Nadia et Sarra (2004)

10. Fatma Nasser is a Tunisian actress. She has played in many Tunisian and Egyptian productions.
Other name: Fatma Baazaoui
Born: 27 October 1978, Sfax, Tunisia
Movies and TV shows: Qanon Omar (Since 2017), El Watar (2010), Mustafa Z (2017), Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story (2009)

11. Feriel Graja is a Tunisian actress.
Nickname: Feriel Youssef
Born: 11 December 1980, Carthage, Tunisia
Movies and TV shows: Mohamed Hussein (2019), Bel Alwan ElTabeaya (2009), The Republic of Embaba (2015), Plan B (2015)

12. Hend Sabry is an Egyptian-Tunisian actress working in Egypt.
Born: 20 November 1979, Qibilī, Tunisia
Spouse: Ahmad el Sherif
Parents: Mohamed Al-Moldi Sabry
Children: Laila Ahmad El Sherif, Alia Ahmad el Sherif
Movies and TV shows: The Blue Elephant 2 (2019), Noura's Dream (2019), The Yacoubian Building (2006), Ayza Atgawez (2010)

13. Khaoula Slimani is a Tunisian actress, a columnist, a model and a fitness coach.
Born: Tunisia
TV shows: Galb Edhib, Awled Moufida (Since 2015), Denia Okhra (Since 2016)

14. Latifa Bint Alaya El Arfaoui, better known as Latifa, is a Tunisian pop singer and former actress. 
Born: 14 February 1961, Manouba, Tunisia
Full name: Latifa Bint Alaya Al Arfaoui
Albums: Inchallah, Fresh, Wadeh, Athada, Koul nour
Movies: Silence... We're rolling

15. Leila Ben Khalifa is an actress.
Born: 16 February 1982, Tunis, Tunisia
Movies: Maskoun (2015), Chouerreb (2018) and Maktoub (2008)

16. Manel Amara is an actress and singer.
Movies and TV shows: The Accident (2008), Eli Lik Lik (2018) and Bolice (2015)

17. Maram Ben Aziza is a Tunisian actress, model and entrepreneur, best known for her role of Selima in the Tunisian series Maktoub.
Born: 25 December 1986, Carthage, Tunisia
Spouse: Nadim Habassi (m. 2018–2019)
Movies and TV shows: Tunisians Stories (2011), Kesmat Wkhayen (2019), Maktoub (2008 – 2014), My China Doll (2017)

18. Mariem Ben Chaabane is a Tunisian actress. She is especially known for her roles in the Tunisian series Casting and Machair.
Born: 4 July 1983, Tunis, Tunisia
Education: New Sorbonne University Paris 3
Movies and TV shows: Layem (2013), WOH! (2016), Casting (2010), Face a la mer (2014)

19. Meriam Ben Hussein is an actress.
Nationality: Tunisian
Movies and TV shows: Layem (2013), Nouba, Pardon (2018), Le Pardon

20. Meriem Ben Mami is an actress.
Born: 1980
Nationality: Tunisian
Spouse: Sofiène El Matri (m. 2014)
TV shows: Tej El Hadhra, Omour Jedia: Special Ramadan, Familia Lol

21. Monia Ayachi is a multilingual Belgian-Tunisian actress.
Born: 20 June 1993
Movies: Bobo Noir, The Mistress, Ignofear, For the Love of Hate, Bad Luck Dandelion
TV shows: Mademoiselle Emmanuelle, Voodoo Vanessa

22. Nadine Nassib Njeim is a half Lebanese and Tunisian actress and beauty pageant titleholder who was elected Miss Lebanon 2004. She represented her home country in Miss Universe 2005 in Lebanon. 
Born: 7 February 1984, Baalbek, Lebanon
Height: 1.75 m
Children: 2
Spouse: Hady Asmar (m. 2012–2019)
Movies: Sorry Mom, Vogue Arabia February Cover Shoot
TV shows: Five Thirty (Since 2019), Al Hayba (Since 2017), Nos Youm, Cello (Since 2015)

23. Nedra Lamloum (نادرة لملوم) is a Tunisian actress.
Movies and TV shows: Red Satin (2002), Pour les beaux yeux de Catherine (2012), Saba' Sabaya, Ekhwa wa Zaman

24. Najla Ben Abdallah is a Tunisian actress, model and flight attendant who played Feriel in the Tunisian series Maktoub. She has appeared in several films including Un fils Mehdi M. Barsaoui's film.Najla has also appeared in serval television series.
Born: 16 June 1980, Tunisia
Award: Golden Orange International Film Competition Best Actress Award
Nominations: Golden Orange International Film Competition Best Actress Award
Movies and TV shows: A Son (2019), Awled Moufida (Since 2015), Naouret El Hawa (2014 – 2015), Maktoub (2008 – 2014)

25. Najoua Zouhair is a Tunisian actress and radio host. She also directs theater and body expression workshops.
Born: 9 August 1978
TV shows: Yawmiyat Imraa
Movies: Arab Blues (2019), El Jaida (2017), The Man Who Sold His Skin (2020), Bedwin Hacker (2003)

26. Nidhal Guiga is a Tunisian actress, writer, and film director.
Born: 11 March 1975
Books: Tristesse Avenue: Fiction, Mathilde B.: récit
Nominations: Best Muhr Short Award, Special Jury Prize: Muhr Short Award
Movies: Astra (2017), Nadia et Sarra (2004), The Prince (2004), Thalathoun (2008)

27. Oumayma Meherzi is an actress.
Movies: Flashback (2016), Naouret El Hawa (2014) and Awled Moufida (2015)
Parents: Abdelaziz Meherzi

28. Rim El Benna is a Tunisian actress. She was on the cover of Tunivisions in June 2012.
Born: 30 May 1981, Nabeul‎, Tunisia
Movies: Buried Secrets, Jeudi Après Midi, Dicta Shot, Тайная жизнь

29. Rim Riahi is a Tunisian actress. She is best known for the role 'Hanène Lahmar' in the television serial Naouret El Hawa.
Born: 17 February 1977, Tunisia
Spouse: Madih Belaid
Movies and TV shows: Nouba, Naouret El Hawa (2014 – 2015), El Khottab Al Bab (1996 – 1997), Gamret Sidi Mahrous (Since 2002)

30. Rym Saidi Breidy is a Tunisian international top model and actress.
Born: 21 June 1986, Tunis, Tunisia
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Wissam Breidy (m. 2017)
Children: Aya Sophia Breidy, Bella Maria Breidy

31. Sameh Sankari is an actress.
Born: Tunis, Tunisia
Movies and TV shows: Pardon (2018), Kesmat Wkhayen (2019), El-Markaz 52, El‑Hajjema

32. Samia Trabelsi is an actress.
Born: 12 June 1987, Tunis, Tunisia
Nationality: Tunisian
Movies and TV shows: Bank Alhaz (2017), Eish Hayatak (2019), Shantet Hamza (2017), Denia Okhra (Since 2016)

33. Samira Magroun is a Tunisian actress.
Born: 24 January 1987
TV shows: Maktoub (2008 – 2014), Rassayel (Since 2018)

34. Sana Kassous is an actress.
Born: 27 April 1983
Nationality: Tunisian
Movies and TV shows: Sayd Errim (2008), The Accident (2008), The Other Half of the Sky (2008), Al layali Al bidh

35. Sonia Ammar is a Tunisian model, actress and singer, who is currently signed with IMG Models. In November 2019, she released her debut EP SONIA.
Born: 19 February 1999, Paris, France
Height: 1.7 m
Parents: Tarak Ben Ammar, Beata Ben Ammar
Siblings: Neil Ben Ammar, Tarak Ben Ammar Jr.
Movies: Scream (2022), Jappeloup (2013)

36. Souhir Ben Amara is a Tunisian actress.
Born: 27 November 1985
TV shows: Kingdoms of Fire, Lilet Chak, Yawmiyat Imraa
Movies: Millefeuille (2012), Tlamess (2019), El Jaida (2017), The Crow's Siesta (2018)

37. Zahraa Habib Ben Mimem is an Iraqi-Tunisian actress, presenter and model. she is known for her role in Hawa Baghdad.
Born: 30 September 1989, Baghdad, Iraq
Nationality: Tunisian
Education: Syrian Virtual University
Other name: Zahraa Habib
TV shows: Hawa Baghdad