If your allowance or money allotted for mobile or computer internet data is not enough for your online education or studying and answering your module, then, you need to consider the so-called Go50 or Go50 for Students of Globe.

The Go50 is loadable using the GCash app or you can manually register it using your phone. The Go50 for students is only available via GCash app only. See the process below to avail any of these two promos and extend it to 15 days.

REGISTER: Globe Promo 5GB pc/mobile internet data good for 15 days P84 only

Globe's GO50 Promo

As seen on my previous post, Go50 has the following information:
  • 5 GB internet data
  • unlimited text to all networks, and 
  • 1 GB freebie access to GoWifi.
  • This is good for 3 days.
  • to register, type Go50 and send it to 8080
  • You need a P50 load to avail of the promo.
While for the Go50 for students, you have the following details:

Globe's GO50 for Students Promo

  • 5 GB  internet data
  • GoLEARN&WORK freebie which includes 1GB access to YouTube Learning, Google Suite, Wikipedia, Coursehero, Canva, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Spotify
  • Valid for 3 days only
  • unlimited to all networks
  • To register Go50 for Students, you need to use a GCash app because this is exclusively for GCash app users only. You can also go to the nearest friend or store that uses GCash for loading.
  • P50.00 is needed to avail the promo
You will be asking, why both promos are only valid for 3 days and not 15 days? And why we got P84 pesos in the title but both promos costs P50 only? See the tutorial below how to make your 3-day promo to reach 15 days. Of course this extension is not free because you will be needing additional P34 load to extend any of the two.
  • All you need to do is text GOSURFBE34 or gosurfbe34 (any may do) to 8080. Again, you need P34 pesos to do this step. Wait for a confirmation message that the registration is successful. Done!

Checking your DATA PROMO validity and expiration.

  • Using your mobile phone or computer, just type/text DATA BAL (you can also use data bal) and send it to 8080 also. A confirmation message will be received saying details regarding your newly registered promo. See an example below.
Hi! As of 2021-02-18, 18:16:20, the remaining MB on your active promos are:
DATA: 5.62GB (until 2021-02-21, 21:02:15)
GoSURF Free WiFi: 1GB (until 2021-02-20, 16:36:38)
GoLEARN&WORK: 860.74MB (until 2021-02-20, 16:36:38)
For complete tracking of all your promos, go to the GlobeOne App at bit.ly/globeone

Important notes: 
  • Your unlimited text is not included in the extension process. It will definitely expire after 3 days.
  • If you redeemed SURF1D which have 1GB data using your earned points. It will not be added to your 15 days extended promo. It will also expire after 24 hours.