If redeeming your Globe Rewards using your points via Bluestacks is not doable, as seen on my previous tutorial here, then, here is another tutorial that you can try without installing anything. Yep! No Bluestacks, no LDPlayer or whatsoever. See the simple tutorial below.

How to Redeem Globe Rewards using computer (Updated)

1. Go to globe.com.ph site.
2. Click Sign in.
3. Find the "Don't have an account yet?" , and then click the Create account.
4. Enter a valid email and your password.
5. Click Create account.
6. Verify your account. A verification email will be sent to your email.
7. After verification, login using your email and password.
8. In your Globe account, click the Add Account button.

9. Inside Add account, input your Globe number (the number  that contains your points), and then press Next.

10. An OTP (one-time pin) will be sent to your number. Input that number in the next page (See below) and click the NEXT button to continue.

OTP sent to the registered Globe number.

OTP input in the "Verify your account" page.

11. Now, add a nickname to your account or number and press Done.

12. Inside your registered number find the Rewards Points section. You will see there your current points as well as the available promos that you can redeem using your points. Click or tap the promo that you wanted to redeem. For this tutorial, I will be redeeming SURF1D which is equivalent to 8 Rewards points.

13. A message saying You are about to redeem SURF1D will appear. Just press the Confirm button.

14. If successful, a message saying You have successfully requested to redeem SURF1D will appear. Just press OK.

15. If the redeeming is a success, you will receive the following 2 messages.

From 4438: You've successfully redeemed SURF1D! We hope you enjoy your rewards as much as we take delight in extending it to you. Keep on using Globe to enjoy more Rewards!

From 8080: You're now registered to REWSURF1D with 1GB of mobile data valid until 2020-12-17, 19:17:44. To check the status of your subscription, text REWSURF1D STATUS to 8080. To stop your subscription, text REWSURF1D STOP to 8080. Maintain P1 load. Regular browsing rate applies one REWSURF1D is used up.

16. To check your current data balance, you can also use DATA Balance. Just text DATA BAL and send it to 8080.

17. A message from 8080 will then be received by your number.