Here's a very simple way to add and verify a new website under the Bidvertiser publisher program wherein you can also earn money and go side-by-side with your Google Adsense.

If you encountered an error while adding a new website saying: 

Website's ownership can't be verified - Bidvertiser Code not found
Please make sure the Bidvertiser Code is copied to:
and try again! 

All you need to do is the simple steps below.

How to add and verify new website in Bidvertiser

1. Click add New Zone.
2. Select "Add new Web Zone under a new domain. Use this option only if you would like to run the BidVertiser ads on another domain name."
3. In the "BidVertiser Title:" type your website name.
4. In the "Domain of your website:" type (type your own website domain)
5. In the "Primary language of your website:" select English if you are using English.
6. In the "Select a category that most accurately describes your website:" Select main category as well as your sub category.
7. Now, click the Add Web Zone button.
8. Your website is now listed in the add zone, click the Not Verified link.
9. The verification code that looks like this one "<!-- Bidvertiser2049616 -->" copy that code and open your website HTML and paste it there and then save your HTML. For blogger users like me, you can just go to your Layout and add a new JavaScript widget and paste your code there.
10. After pasting the code, input the 4-digit verification code below and then click the Verify button.
11. A message saying "Website's ownership verified successfully and is now pending review." will appear. Just wait for the "Pending Editorial Review" to finish whether your new website passes or not.
12. Done!