For this post, we are going to discuss on how you can easily transfer or send your money or balance (which is already in Philippine Peso or PHP) to your GCash wallet/account instantly. But before you proceed make sure, your account and GCash meets the following requirements.
  • Make sure both your and GCash accounts are fully verified.
  • The minimum allowed amount by to be transfer to your GCash account is at least PHP50.00.
  • This process is not free, make sure you have an extra PHP10.00 to be able to send your money to GCash. For example, to be able to send 50 pesos, you need a total of 60 pesos to complete the transaction. The 50 will be sent to your GCash, and the 10 pesos is the sending fee.
  • Of course, you need an internet connection to be able to open your GCash and apps.
Now, see the tutorial below and let's start sending that money!!!

How to Send Money from to GCash Wallet

1. Open your wallet. Press the Send icon.

2. Now, press the Send to an E-Wallet link.

3. Inside E-Wallets, press GCash.

4. In the Enter Amount, type the amount that you want to send to your GCash. Then choose InstaPay, and lastly, press the Next button. InstaPay, as stated above is not free. There is a fee of P10 for this selected delivery time.

5. In the Enter Details, in GCash Account Name (type the name/exact name of GCash account that will receive the money). In the GCash Mobile Number and Recipient Mobile Number, just type the GCash mobile number of the receiver also). Now, press the Next button to continue.

6. In the Confirm Payment, you just need to check whether all the information that you just typed are all correct. If so, just press the Slide to pay button to continue.

7. A verification will then be sent to your registered email address. Just open your email and type the given code in the space (see image below), and then press Submit button. But for this tutorial, I selected to verify the transaction using my mobile phone number. Just press the Send code via SMS to do this.

8. The verification using SMS will now be seen (see image below). A code will then be received by your phone.

9. Open, the SMS that your phone just received from and get the code that you needed there.

10. Type that code in the space provided, and then press the Submit button to proceed.

11. Since we opted to send the money using InstaPay, your money will be received by your GCash wallet instantly.

12. Your phone or the GCash phone number that will receive the money will then receive a confirmation message saying:
You have received P51.20 of GCash from (DCPay) with account ending in 1234. Your new balance is P66.02 04-17-21 11:35 PM. Ref. No. 1233.... Use now to buy load, purchase items, send money, pay bills and a lot more!

13. And that's it. You now have your funds or money inside your GCash wallet.