IF you are a GCash user already, you may encounter situation that the GCash Buy Load is currently unavailable or under maintenance. And if you really need the load and GCash is unavailable, then, that is going to be a very big problem. Good thing, there is Shopee and ShopeePay. You can either directly purchase load from different networks like Globe, TM, Sun, Smart, and TNT using your Shopee app and paying it using your GCash wallet, or using your ShopeePay Wallet. But, to be able to use your ShopeePay Wallet, you need to put money inside it (top-up).

For this post, we will put some cash, funds, money (whatever you may call it) inside our ShopeePay wallet using GCash. But before anything else, make your you meet the following requirements to be able to do this tutorial properly:
  • Your GCash is verified.
  • You already installed the Shopee app in your phone.
  • Your GCash wallet has enough balance or money.
If all the needed requirements are already met, then, proceed to the tutorial below.

How to top-up or put money inside ShopeePay using GCash Wallet

1. Assuming that you already downloaded and installed Shopee in your mobile phone, open it. Then, press Top-up & Use exclusive free shipping vouchers! link which is ShopeePay (see image below).

2. Inside ShopeePay, press the Top Up icon to continue.

3. Inside ShopeePay Top Up: In the Input Amount (₱): type the amount that you wanted to put inside your ShopeePay. In Payment: select e-Wallet - GCash. And then, press the Pay Now button to proceed.

4. For the Email Verification, just type a valid email address. This is were Shopee will send a receipt regarding your transaction later. Then, press the Pay button.

5. In the Login to pay with GCash, just type your GCash Mobile Number, and then press the Next button.

6. A 6-digit authentication code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Wait for it, open it and see the code. Type the code in the given spaces, and then press the Next button.

7. Now, enter your GCash 4-digit MPIN, and press the Next button.

8. In the next page, you will be presented with your GCash wallet current balance. What you are about to pay (the amount), and the total. Just press the PAY PHP <amount> button to continue.

9. In the Top Up Details, if successful, you will see the total amount being topped followed by "Successful" greeting. You will also see there the Admin fee, Payment method used, transaction and reference IDs, and the date/time of the transaction. Just press the OK button to proceed.

10. You will now see, that your ShopeePay has available money or balance.

11. GCash will also inform you via SMS that:

Your payment of P20.00 to SHOPEEPAY has been successfully processed on 04-20... Ref. No. 443...

12. And lastly, an email from DragonPay will then be received by your email address. See the sample receipt below.