For this post, I will teach you to easily load your mobile phone with TNT UTP15. Note, this load is for TNT subscribers only (correct me if I am wrong though). But, before anything else, make sure, you met the following requirements before doing the tutorial.
  • Your wallet must have at least PHP15.
  • An internet connection to open your app or official website.
Now, if you meet the listed requirements above, follow the tutorial below.

How to Load TNT UTP15 using wallet

1. Open your wallet app. Press the Buy Load icon.

2. Type the number of the UTP15 load receiver. +63 is already there in the text field, so, you should start with number 9 followed by the remaining nine numbers of mobile phone. Just press Done when finished to continue.

3. Inside Buy Load, press the COMBO tab. Inside it, find UnliText Plus 15 (Talk 'N Text Only) Unlitext + UNLI calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 all-net texts for 2 days which is worth PHP15. Press it when you find it to continue.

4. Still, inside Buy Load, the number of the receiver of the UTP15 will be shown, the promo selected, your current wallet balance, the amount due (UTP15 price), and the Get 10% discount after purchase. Just press and slide the Slide to pay button to continue.

5. The Buying P15 load for +639123456789 will be shown, as well as the Request sent, Request being processed, and Transaction completed. Just wait for a little while until the Transaction completed is also checked. Continue to step #6.

6. When to transaction is successful, you will then see Bought P15 load for +639123456789. You will also see there the Transaction Reference.

7. The receiver of the UTP15 load, will then receive the following text messages from SMARTLoad saying:
28May 18:34:UTP 15 successfully loaded to 639123456789 from 63192187017. Ref: EV8ES8K...
Para i-check ang balance at latest promos, dial *123# or it's SIMPLER with the NEW GigaLife App!
Tuloy ang Saya! May Unli Trinet Calls and Texts + 50 Allnet Texts ka na for 2 days with UTP15.

8. Now, back to your wallet. You can view the transaction made by going to History > Transaction History > PHP Wallet.

You will see there the following with its corresponding date and time:

Sent load to +639123456789 via Smart / Talk N Text Prepaid (TNTUTP15).
Payment for order #35c2a8d2c... with the cost of - PHP 15.00
Received a payment + PHP 1.50

The received payment +PHP 1.50 is the 10% discount or cashback from the load purchase of P15.

What you will get with TNT UTP15?
  • Unlimited texts to Smart / TNT / Sun
  • Unlimited calls to Smart / TNT / Sun
  • 50 all networks texts.
  • Good and valid for 2 days only