For this post, I will teach to you how to avail or claim your SURF1GB rewards using your mobile phone via Globe Rewards app. Correct me if I am wrong guys, but recently, I just to claim SURF1GB using my tutorial on redeeming using computer (e.g. pc or laptop), but it won't allow me to do so. So I decided to use the app and the transaction flows smoothly. Redeeming SURF1D by texting REDEEM SURF1D to 4438 is not working anymore, as I motioned in my past tutorials.

But, before anything else, if you really want to avail the SURF1GB Globe reward make sure you meet the following simple requirements:

👉 You have at least 10 points in your Globe Rewards account. Before, SURF1GB was called SURF1D or REWSURF1D and it only costs 8 rewards points. But Globe already updated the needed points to 10 and renamed the reward as SURF1GB. 

That's the lone requirements to do this tutorial. If you meet it, then continue doing the steps below to start claiming your 1GB mobile or pc internet data. But, still, if you do not have enough points, and you want to check your points, then, you can still do this tutorial and at least create a Globe Rewards account and monitor your earned points as well as seeing other Globe Rewards that might interest you.

How to claim SURF1GB Globe Rewards using App/Cellphone

👉 Step 1 - Press the Google Play app in your phone.

👉 Step 2 - Press the Search for apps & games... search field.

👉 Step 3 - Now, type globe rewards. In the suggestions that will going to appear, press the globe rewards app that you are going to see.

👉 Step 4 - In the Globe Rewards app page, press the Install button to proceed.

👉 Step 5 - If the Globe Rewards needs access to Location, Photos/Media/Files, Camera, Wi-Fi connection information appears, just press the Accept button.

👉 Step 6 - The downloading of the app will start automatically. Wait for it to finish.

👉 Step 7 - When done, it will install by itself also. Wait for it to finish.

👉 Step 8 - When the Globe Rewards app was installed, press the Open green button to continue.

👉 Step 9 - In the Globe Rewards welcome page, just press the Get Started button located in the lower part of the screen.

👉 Step 10 - To get started with the app, just type your Globe number that you will use to claim your SURF1GB reward.

👉 Step 11 - After typing your number, press the NEXT button.

👉 Step 12 - A 6-digit code will be sent to the number that you entered. Type that code in the space provided and press the Submit button. In case, you didn't receive the code, just press the Resend code button to request another one.
👉 Step 13 - And you are now successfully inside your Globe Rewards account. You will see there your current total Rewards Points. Find All Rewards section and press Globe Promos.

👉 Step 14 - Inside Globe Promos, find 1 GB surfing for 1 day - 10 point/s and press that promo.

👉 Step 15 - Just press the NEXT button in the next page to continue.

👉 Step 16 - In the Redeem item page, you will see there the details of the reward that you will be claiming. For SURF1GB, it is good for 1 day with 1 GB of data that you can use as mobile data or laptop/computer data. It can access any website, apps, games, etc. Just press the Redeem button to proceed.

👉 Step 17 - The app will then say: "A message from 4438 will arrive shortly. Hang on!"

In your registered mobile number, you will receive a text from 4438 saying: "Your request to redeem SURF1GB_GP is being processed. Please wait for another message. Keep on using Globe to enjoy more Rewards!"

👉 Step 18 - If the redemption is a success, then, you will see that your total points was deducted by the amount of points in redeeming the SURF1GB. 

👉 Step 19 - Another message will then be received by your mobile phone saying: "You're now registered to SURF1GB! Enjoy 1GB for surfing valid until 2021-07-25, 05:18:09. To check status, text SURF1GB STATUS to 8080. To stop, text SURF1GB STOP to 8080. Data charges apply once SURF1GB is used up." Done!

Alternatively, you can also send DATA BAL to 8080 to see how much amount data you still have and when will your SURF1GB will going to expire.

👉 Important note: SURF1GB is not a promo it is only a reward. So, do not try to extend it using GOSURFBE34 and send to 8080. It won't be extended!